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Military tech can be good, if it survives the m-i complex clustfuck of contractors and lobbying and cost overruns. If it makes it through that, it should, in theory, serve a specific purpose and do that thing well.


@anarchist_memes @xj9 @qt008 you mean like operate a global network that was engineered for surveillance and political disruption from the beginning?


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The claims that book makes sound far-fetched. I don't think anybody at DARPA could have predicted facebook.

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The internet could not have been a bigger success for the intelligence community if they had planned it all out in advance. But they didn't.

They just pushed forward with those motivations and goals at every step along the way, discovering the path forward as they went. But this is where we ended up.

We are under 24/7 surveillance and the moment this government turns overtly police state on the middle class, silicon valley is going to tell them absolutely everything about us. Just look at how happily they make money with China.

Read the book. It's good. Things are not virtuous or positive just because they produce cool technology.

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