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Radical Town is fairly light on moderation but there are a few rules:
  • No Nazis. This means no racism, no anti-semitism, "race-realism", "ethnonationalism", justification of genocide, or otherwise bigoted speech. If you have to ask if a post might violate this rule, don't post it.
  • No TERFs. We are LGBT+/queer friendly. Leave your hot gender critical takes elsewhere. As above, if you aren't sure if your musings about whether asexuals should be allowed in queer spaces would violate this rule, don't post it.
  • You may not use your account for commercial or advertising purposes. This includes advertisements in profiles, spam, or data gathering. GoFundMe or similar crowdfunding links are allowed, provided they are not spam and comply with the other rules.
  • No bots. Try botsin.space for your legit (not spam) bot needs.
  • We're adults with jobs so CW or NSFW anything that is NSFW. This means that if you are coming to this instance to look for or at porn, this will be a bad idea since anything NSFW is muted from the general public. We are not a good replacement for switter.
  • Mute and block freely if you need to.
As always, we reserve the right to ban you for other troublemaking not explicitly outlined here. Be chill. You have been warned.