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i want to listen to more kpop groups so please reply with some that you like so i can check them out 🥺

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yes im a writer. no i dont write. dont question it.

creepy house is creepy again 

i have a killer headache rn send help 🥺


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if i wanted to check out itzy, where should I start?

since my school is cancelled indefinitely and my entire family is staying home for at least three weeks, i kinda wanna watch some anime to pass the time but idk what to watch. anyone have recommendations?



it’s getting warmer out and i sweat in a sweater but i’m too cold without one. it’s... very odd

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Queer people don't grow up as ourselves. We grow up playing a version of ourselves that sacrifices authenticity to minimise humiliation and prejudice.
The massive task of our adult lives is to unpick which parts of ourselves are truly us and which parts we've created to protect us.

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kinda want to write yukishima fluff but all of my soft creativity was used up for shiroyuri so

i slept on my neck wrong last night and i can’t move it. lowkey panicking because it’s hard to move my head at all

so my friends and i went to the beach last night for a few hours, and the view was so pretty. i hope we do that more often, it was fun. (even though none of us were dressed properly & were cold the entire time)

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