Travis Scott dealing with a heckler at a show but his mic is still on auto tune is lol

Lewd, Dr. Fauci. 

Chemicals: bad

Humans: wow I wish I could eat and inhale all the chemicals

Car stuff πŸ”§ 

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Car stuff πŸ”§ 

Me during a blizzard this winter, watching my neighbor struggle to leave his house because I didn’t let him borrow my nice shovel this year because he had a BBQ this summer and didn’t hit me up, so I took a mental note

i am making coffee as we speak. the stove is clicking as i have been tooting instead of putting the moka pot on

Lewd text about Ed Sheeran and Grimes. 

wawa employee gave me free bag of gold haribos πŸ₯Ί


ok actual birthday selfie I promise 

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