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I’m an untainted beautiful canvass of non-cringe holiness

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The fact that I’ve never seen Rick & Morty in my life makes me incredibly sexy tbh

[yamcha after getting beaten up voice] kuh, ksbd when

damn did I really just get subtoot dunked on the TL [cracks knuckles] let’s see....

why bother picking a gender to be attracted to, when you can just zero in on the most dysfunctional person in a 30 mile radius and make it your life’s goal to fix their situation

How much time do I have on radtown everybody else left

Somebody adopt me I’m hot 🥺🥵 Let’s have a draft


Chicken noodle soup is like if you boiled a salt flavored lacroix and put overcooked bits of chicken and pasta into it

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I think SportzPosting might be a bigger sin than posting about BofA, Cryptids, Foss, Are Hotdogs Sandwiches and Politics Without CWs on Mastodon

I want a pineapple shoved up my ass like in Little Nicki

God I’m so Normie but y’all love me so it’s okay. I know what Reddit is. (garbage).

Sorry for PunchSportz posting but I’m about to witness an old man version of a top tier athlete come out of no where again to compete

It’s almost like your dad going out to fight or some shit. NGL.... pretty fwiggin epic.

Belle Delphine just knocked out Mike Tyson in round 3 🤯

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