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Please get your flu shot.

If everyone actually did, then I wouldn't need to get mine and suffer like I do.

But I don't trust you fuckers, so I get to be sick all day.

every idiot on twitter loves to think they are the galileo of philosophy by doing a stupid inversion of a stupid idea

@yo @geesehoward

drew: "think of the racists!! how do you think WE feel!"

I’m gonna buy a Dodge Challenger and get all kinds of chicks and then I won’t come on here anymore.


It’s going to get REAL ugly in America in the next few months... these are tectonic plates under all of us living here

knock on his door with a chopper, ding dong!

Wait-in-line-jeans, takes a minute to get in em 🥴

Trolling before 2010: don’t be yourself

Trolling in 2020: be yourself


I’ve been banging your wives for the past two years... I’m sorry but that pussy radicalized me

The mastodon speed ball is a combination of love + coffee, love + horny or love + weed

Highest-Paid Celebrities of 2019 (Forbes):

1. Taylor Swift - $185M
2. Kylie Jenner - $170M
3. Kanye West - $150M
4. Lionel Messi - $127M
5. Ed Sheeran - $110M
6. Ronaldo - $109M
7. Neymar - $105M
8. The Eagles - $100M
9. Dr. Phil - $95M
10. Canelo Alvarez - $94M

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