Why does Federated seem so much slower now than it used to? Are there overall fewer users, or is the Fediverse fractioning as blocklists proliferate?


Oh hey I'm here again. Nobody remembers who I am so... that's cool. Hello void!

Twitter still aggressively purging Leftists and media still aggressively not reporting on it at all.

I figured it out, and the problem is that everyone is fucking stupid.

The Trolley Problem, American edition*.

* also applies to Australia

Like, it doesn't seem to have sunken in with anybody on Left Twitter yet that they gave their phone number to Twitter and Twitter has flagged them as dissidents in order to soft-ban them from political threads.

I mean...

Welp, Twitter is actively censoring and selectively blocking Left-associated accounts from targeted political threads now.

So that's cool.

Main account: thread won't load, "over capacity" error.

Alt account: thread loads fine, commenting works fine, no errors

Confirmed by hundreds of users.

This is a great sign and definitely not a prelude to anything we should worry about. Nope.

I'm microwaving some instant soba/ramen. A lot of it. It's good drunk food. Drunk on a Sunday night is probably a little sad though.

Oh well.

Where's all the old people at? I'm frightened by teens please help. Don't say Twitter I mean where's all the old as shit Fediverse people I know they're out here.

Created a new account on Twitter with a burner email.

Shut down by automated script in about 7 seconds after making me jump through hoops and CAPTCHAS.

Clearly I am a very dangerous terrorist. Unlike all the Nazis they never touch except to flag them for censoring in Germany.

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