Created a new account on Twitter with a burner email.

Shut down by automated script in about 7 seconds after making me jump through hoops and CAPTCHAS.

Clearly I am a very dangerous terrorist. Unlike all the Nazis they never touch except to flag them for censoring in Germany.

Please stop having dumb opinions, it's wrecking online.

What is even going on anymore.

Who are these people who want to LARP through the end of the world? Contemporary politics as Renn Faire style drama.

I don't fucking get this whole community of people. It's such farce.

My tooth is shaped weird now because the dentist used some sort of cylindrical mold to complete the part that had broken off.

It's all round on the back.


Beats the hell out of walking around with half a tooth for a couple of years, which I've done in the past. Hooray for momentarily having dental insurance.

My tooth fucking shattered in the middle of a teleconference with work. LMAO

On the other hand, if I want to fully dissect which *kin somebody on the fediverse thinks they are and why that's an indirect way of furthering TERF discourse... I'm covered there. That's going on all over the place here.

Zelda games shouldn’t get direct sequels it’s wrong.

There’s a direct ratio between how angry you get about being dunked on in screenshots, and how much you deserve it.

Subtoot: we can call it “Painfully Avoiding The Elephant In The Room, LLC”.

lets think about ways to profit off of fragile masculinity. what currently non-gendered product could be unnecessarily gendered so that the profits could go to homeless trans people

It’s quiet over here and there’s hardly any political drama and I don’t even know what to do.

Well, OK, there’s political drama, but the wrong kind. World’s ending, where do I go to get mad about it? Damn.

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