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i havent used this site in forever does it still have dire rabies

If you haven't already seen it enjoy this footage of police in Bulgaria trying to use pepper spray and the wind blowing it back in their faces

Librem, meta-ish, blocking corporate instances 

imma get reported for this but kids who are to young to care about sex in the first place really don't need adults butting in on their sex lives even under the guise of teaching them about asexuality

im out again bc mastodon is actively unsafe for people triggered by the q slur

wait what stupid shit did berries do THIS time and why is my phone getting pinged w berries related masto notifs moths after i leave

f berries i guess i mean im gonna miss it as much as i miss here (none) but that sure is news to see when i randomly check here

am i a hate account if i post any opinion less diehard inclusionist than "cishet asexies can say the q slur and also tagging the q slur in front of people triggered by it is bad and disrespects peoples identities"

my point proven i guess good thing i don't use mastodon anymore

Let's just get this out of my system:

No one:

JK Rowling: "Dumbledore is a fucking Q"

okay, enough riffing on fat nuts, time to come back from lunch and do some actual work, like analyzing these duct pipes—

at least none of the horny for fictional teenagers crowd is active on mastodon

it may be that mastodon is possibly the worst site to use for someone whose two main triggers are the q slur and bdsm

imagine having the balls to admit you get off on fucking people while they pretend to be kids and also not being thrown out of everywhere for doing that

if the purge was real it wouldnt be murder it would be mcdonalds bulldozing ur house bc theres no zoning laws today

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