kink cw, serious 

kink cw, serious 

Never be friends with an American woman!!!!!! Never look at an American woman!!!!

if bottoms smashed the state as hard as they smashed their keys, we would have ended capitalism years ago

i want her buddy to be an orc cleric of gruumsh whose personality amounts to posting about how on fantasy twitter

in my current dnd game im playing boots, a tabaxi adopted by kobolds who wants to be a cleric of kurtukmac who can't because the bloody gnomes locked him in gnome jail so she settles for being a very grimy barbarian

my next pc is gonna be a bard/skald/musician archetype called Death Grips, The Lore Friendly Companion

ttrpgs are good because i can make weirdass characters like someone blessed by an angel with anger problems who takes it out by engaging in divinely inspired professional wrestling

So basically we have exactly two weeks to get a lawyer and it's gonna cost us $4000 up front, so anything anyone can spare and/or any boosts will help
Venmo: @steviemcfly
Cash App: $steviexmcfly

sometimes i think centrists misunderstood that shitty adage about "a good compromise leaves everyone angry" and think that it means that a society should be run in such a way that it pisses off a maximal number of people

imagine thinking it was embarassing or shameful to laugh at your own jokes.

like yes bitch i'm laughing at my own joke, somebody has gotta make me laugh and you're clearly not capable of stepping to the plate

they took my long dick haver club card because I was shop lifting at Costco :angrysun:

i can't stress how amazing it is that i leave mastodon for one year and anna's dumb ass is still out there causing absurd drama like i thought would be gone by now

weird thing about the Obama years was liberals and libertarians were very mad about drones... they didn't like want the extrajudicial murders to stop, they just didn't want robots to do them

its amazing that do you think god stays in heaven for fear of his creations is from spy kids and not some old book or poem by a dead white man in the 1800s

its kind of amusing that a year later the same names are always the ones causing shit

As an Enlightened Centrist, I:
-am an Agnostic
-always drives on the middle of two lanes
-sits on the ground between seats on public transports
-always bet on a coin landing on the side
-always play True Neutral characters in D&D
-put an equal mix of all types of petrol into my car
-never wear anything on my lower body since I refuse to choose between skirts vs. pants, boxers vs. panties, etc
-don't own a computer since I refuse to choose between Linux vs. Windows, Apple vs. Android, etc
-loots only for the characters who don't do anything in a story
-read books starting from the middle, then read one page on either side at once (I don't read any book with an odd number of pages)
-died from starvation since I refuse to choose between being vegan or eating meat

i cant even act het but im going to pretend im cis because id literally rather be treated as a cishet than described as queer by anyone

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