should I piss people off and call dogs cop collaborators


never in our history have cats been used by cops. cats are anarchists. cats say acab.

send me a pic of a dog breed and I'll tell you if they support cops or not

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@owashii yes but they cling to the image of the old detective and would not support the reality of today's police force.

@witchy I have a beagle and that is pretty accurate

There's a reason Charlie Brown's beagle is named "Snoopy"

@Schizophrenicart shes anprim. does not support cops. does not support anyone on her land that she doesnt know

@robin same as beagle. respects old time detective troupe and thinks that still exists but wouldn't support real police


No they are not.
Chihuahuas are cowards, always acting scare and jumping the gun.
Also Chihuahuas have terrible taste in owners.

@kiki @witchy You have read my mind this post made me think of that meme immediately.

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