okay my bday is next week so heres my wishlist if ur interested

i also accept undying affection or internet validation 😊💞


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should i post my amazon wish list since my bday is next week

going to sit in the car for my lunch break and ignore ppl here

everything online is open source!!! right click in your browser and click view page source
dont know why guys are making foss a big deal?

@witchy you're cute also would you like to talk about free software

@witchy hi I'm Jaina I'll be your new reply gal.

Due to recent policy changes however, I can no longer share my thoughts on technology or liberalism with you. Instead, I am limited to only providing compliments.

really disappointed i wasnt cute enough for eugen to become my reply guy. im too obnoxious

@witchy i'm hans from stuttgart and i have strong thoughts about gnu/linux that i will explain to you at length

mutuals feel free to be my reply guys 🥺👉👈

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I've finally built up enough courage to announce that I am transitioning into a #KHive account. #MyVicePresident #BidenHarris2020

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