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Anyway, uh - post I guess?

I'm Marcie, I'm back, I'm gay, and I'm a girl. I'm absolutely hopeless. Please do not expect things from me.

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the crack epidemic was a deliberate genocide of black americans by the US federal government. calling people "crackhead" as an insult is unbelievably fucked up because that is 100% racialized and classed. crack carries a MUCH heftier sentence than cocaine. i WILL be tearing into you if i see you using crackhead as an insult like this is tumblr and there are no rules. this is your only warning.

โ€œhow can you tell when the bimboification has started?โ€ he asked, lips trembling over the words.
โ€œrelax, mr trump, you donโ€™t have to worry about big questions like that anymore,โ€ Robert assured him, โ€œDaddy Mueler will take care of all that for you, babyโ€

news reporters like: what do you mean eugen doesn't have a magic spell that makes all n*zis stop existing on this physical plane. you mean fedi actually has to like? manually weed them out and block them?


pff 2012 ??? that's not a real Year (shoves fun dip into my cheeks) anyway let's rent a tape from block buster video

The Sonic Movie is so disrespectful to the source material for casting Jim Carrey as Eggman instead of the reanimated corpse of Teddy Roosevelt. Come on, Paramount.

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