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Military vet getting assaulted by Portland cops: “This is not the America I fought for!”

Pantomime audience: “Oh, yes it is!”

Trump's "Fed Surge" in Chicago is called Operation The Legend That Democrats are the Lessor Evil

if you make sexy clothes but you stop at 1XL you’re a coward

aw bless, i found what is probably a procedurally generated storefront selling slovakia flag branded stuff. even commie era flag stuff. also, for some reason, an autism speaks rain poncho?

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finally found out what kind of slavic my maternal grandpa's family is: slovakian. time to buy one tracksuit and say i rep them

hmm the only place i have any real ties to is puerto rico where [redacted[ happens constantly instead

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i think i should move to a country that doesn't get mired in state's rights bullshit

they weren't sterilizing people for being bakas, that's for sure.

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its cool how many fan translations of manga and anime choose to translate "baka" as the r slur up to very recently. why would you think that's at all comparable lol

had a sneeze so strong my back popped. feels good rn

ifuckinglovescience bros love calling the page "science" and saying "did you see that post on science today?"

ifuckinglovescience bro’s be like: girl are u carbon? because i wanna use u to establish a standardized dating system

it's easiest to fight the power armor in Carrion if you're small because you can spam your web shooters at it

horrible. lewd, shitpost, kinda food related, body excretion related 

@wintgenstein @nutt
Who's gonna fight you for it, a baby?

you know making 6 figures is immoral. my life would be significantly different if i had been even making over 45,000 per year in one of the many shitty jobs ive had in my life.

i did manage to get a job making something close to this ONCE, but my job was constantly in danger because "i made too much" as i was told by various bosses when asking for more money. i would then be fired by the end of the fiscal year. this happened at least 4 times over the span of two years.

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basically i want wasbappin to wake up to election news and have a heart attack

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what if i founded the american ba'athist party? i feel like if i did it right it would be a dark horse candidate in local elections

working in an anglo country i mean. there are lots of them not in the anglosphere

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