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It's quite funny spending time in this academic environment at a royal university with serious researchers, then going on Mastodon and boosting "yoshi sink butt pic"

eton mess is what they call the aftermath of the tory conference afterparty

someone just linked me to a 4chan /co/ thread on the boondocks. I shant be reading that!

thinking about muting myself so it's only you guys who have to deal with this nonsense trash posting

eve vs evan epic rap battles of mastodon

cry every time i hear father john misty's "holy shit" ??? i've got two ears and a heart don't i

don’t be the person who wasn’t included in the hellthread who just jumps in there and says “thanks I guess”

i mean this the third serious romantic partner i've had who was a huge trekkie lol...its obvious not that

the main reason i finally broke down and started watching star trek at 28 was so i could understand posts more than to enjoy the scifi storytelling

extremely lewd tv show thing 

from what i've seen of metropolis its good how there is nothing to telegraph that a scene is a nightmare the guy is you really think babylonian gods decided to eat all the workers for 8 minutes

wearing men's shoes is great because NOBODY pays attention to them

im in love with my black and purple addidas and im wondering if im going to get the same color scheme when i can finally buy new shoes (These are on their last legs)

I just realized Larry is the most "in character" poster here because every thread he's in ends with the Curb your Enthusiasm music playing to his reaction.

ah fuck just not gonna get back to sleep today

oh my god!! it took then YEARS but tiktok finally has an actual website, that you can go to people's profiles on and view their vids on intead of a link to download the app

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