@Galdrakinn oh does your search allow for keyword searching? idk really hey @garfiald do you have a link to your hermione thread?

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@Banquo yeah and hermione is an author self insert character so it just doesn't make much sense

@Galdrakinn oh yeah i hadn't either until a podcast pointed it out lol. did you read garfiald's thread about contextualizing the books within the british private school system and how hermione represents a working class child who gets in on a scholarship and like is praising how "hard worker" she is? it was very illuminating to me

that hermione granger is black really puts the fact that she's the only person in the UK opposed to slavery in a different light huh

nnot really sure why they decided archie comics needed an alt universe horror setting but man, these are good comics

@goat it's really funny someonen on here thinks pirating books is the most anticommunist thing you can do

Pirate books, share them around, Take your fancy university education and teach what someone needs to know to someone else.

Sharing Knowledge is the best thing you can do with your fellow comrades. Nothing is as powerful as teaching someone something new

@luxotek my mom only has a roku hd which is a special model between 2 and 3 they made for black Friday like 4 years ago. It's really bad and can't switch between profiles on hulu or Netflix and most apps won't support it. she now uses a Chromecast a guy who sold my monitor to me gave for free

Fucking social justice mastodon. Apparently #FOSS isn't "allowed" on here any more. Thanks a lot feminism.

Last Week I saw you at the NuttChurch,
You told me all the things I needed to hear

some in depth analysis i’m seeing here

@toilet omg is this happening!??! there's like a website to facilitate playing via computer like it has maps the dms can have and you can do rolls through it

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