8k toots and i’m still compelled to share more bullshit...

min/maxing/theorycrafting in a single player game. for some fuckin reason

why does the shrieking shack constantly say the only real way to play skyrim is to do a stealth archer wtf...its not like skyrim is hard lol

i can't believe there's no natural way without modding to have magicka regen in morrowind lol. when i first played i rolled a caster guy and fuckin died to a level 1 enemy after i ran out lol

“What books didn’t influence me?

If only someone would ask that! I’ve been waiting for years to answer it. Atlas Shrugged, by Ayn Rand, I will say, had absolutely no influence on me except to cause hours of incredulous boredom. I thought in all fairness I ought to try The Fountainhead. I gave up on page 10.”

— Ursula K Le Guin

Speech is silver and silence is golden, and posting jokes online is double golden

*at a ska concert*

me: *skanking like an absolute villain*

@pisscotheque that's what they call the giant college basketball tournament. its omnipresent all march

spectacular effort from the free calendar some stationary company sent us

enbies only want one thing [1] and its fucking disgusting
[1] season 3 of mary shelley's frankenhole

@toilet same energy as my "cw your toot for 'harhin' my mellow, man'"

@dankwraith for being a forum founded by maoists/third worldists for like the first 5 years of its existence the rhizzone was just riddled with fascists. a lot of them are still there lol

religious people change over time, they become non religious, or change religions, religions themselves change over time ...... this is basic human shit yo

the desire to erase religion from the human experience is basically a colonial/genocidal impulse imo

still thinking about that vaporwave thread rico linked me to earlier and how some guy in there was ranting about how religious people are gonna outbreed the non religious people and glorious secularism is just a blip in the arc of history, how can you not see how fucking reactionary it is to say that lol

@kioskwitch nope and like the fact that these people think they're doing material analysis is so funny too me. like how can you seriously claim "afab" is a gender class when its composed of men, women, and everyone else lol come on now

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