@wintgenstein we were too busy allying with them against the soviet union

hey I'm not on this account anymore so go follow @georgespolitzer and also tune into my stream on twitch in 3 hours twitch.tv/pickle_rico I'm gonna stream a game that's symphony of the night if it were mario

@SunSaint oh lol. it's juliet berto in la chinoise. I just think she's hot

@SunSaint Ben affleck as batman. so instead of Boston strong it's gotham strong

ok y'all I'm about to be really brave here so I hope I can count on your support

[anti-communist propaganda I was taught in high school]

ok, please don't kill me I know this is controversial

@Manurweibling well i don't want access to find out in case its not true...

@lesbiangoth okay but here's the thing about folklore: its somehow sad thot music? it was okay. best song was the one where bon iver sang most of it tbh

the man is literally terrified of a 115 pound white woman

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oh my god kanye really postponed his 10th album because taylor swift surprised dropped a number one album. he's done lmao

laughing and loling at this genius annotation (the main intro) that declares j cole to have been at the top of the rap game genius.com/J-cole-lion-king-on

Bari or Cole round 1 

@evan the annotations on this one are amazing genius.com/20406199

Bari or Cole round 2 

“Can you like the person you love to hate?”

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Bari or Cole round 1 

“One phone call gets you cancelled like a homophobe in this PC culture”

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i'm not really impressed by those books where its a 600 page run on sentence that never stops, mostly i'm horrified at how much of a nightmare that must've been to edit

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