Imagine an incel but hes aggressively not transphobic so he posts weird shit like TRANS WOMEN ARE FEMOIDS TOO

thinking about that one panda that fucked so much he saved pandas from extinction in the 80s

*blue whale voice* come on over to my place for some Netflix and krill

@anna yeah its wild how little effort they have to put into baiting people!

I should warn you his first account is an untagged heinous food crime

๐ŸŽถ Ba BAH buh nuh nuh nuh nuh nu nuh nuh nuh NANANANANANA NA NAA๐ŸŽถ
๐ŸŽถ American woman!
Don't marry me!
American woman!
Don't take my house from me!
Gotta spam away gotta spam away oh no no no ๐ŸŽถ

@KitRedgrave it was really weird that
- he did the spam
- he claimed it was about testing spam defenses
- he shouted about "fuck feminism, hail-"
- then went back to the original spam
- with a little "final fantasy 14 sucks" mixed in

if you want a laugh look up the account uwebollocks had on here and abandoned after like 5 toots when he realized he wouldn't get insanely popular for doing nothing on here

bofa is not shutting down. bofa was just moving to a smaller configuration because we're charged by the minute and why pay for resources we're not using.

history, settler-colonialism, cannibalism, lol Oh No 

history, settler-colonialism, cannibalism, lol Oh No 

if Spock was on the internet today he would be one of those Facts and Logic bros

@byttyrs im just laughing at a mechanic taking time out of his busy work day to attack the homestucks

@wintgenstein I think the game just shrinks and drops in framerate actually

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