damn, all heavensward content is added to the free trial AND the starter edition

@healyn @Demonsthenes13 okay here's another cover to raise morale. players, please rise for your national anthem

new trial review: holy shit that's good and hard and fun

my FC leader didn't appreciate my thotglam during raid :(((((((

noticing a shitload of new people on leviathan playing today/tonight :) must be quarantined people taking advantage of the sale

hmm lets see... what lewks do i have for a monk. 2-3 year's ago's summer event swimsuit??? the glasses own so hard

fucked up that dark knight is the poster boy job for shadowbringers but paladin is the king amongst tanks rn

tried leveling with trusts and no thank you. way too slow

had the pleasure of running with Dumb E-Girl who kindly reminded me to pop a defensive cooldown if i'm going to pull more than one pack as she is a sub level 70 scholar.

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