okay i couldn't get it all in one screencap but the bottom declares this a heroes in crisis tie-in event...why the fuck is gotham girl implicated in that?!?! wtf tom king!!

just realized that my guy in his goldsmithing outfit is literally the turban sage

the best possible shirt for my guy rn is a dang bdsm harness

my bow is equally as long as my guy is tall...this is so good

forgive the messy hud/ui but i ran into two characters, one named chicken nuggers, one named chicken tendies

you can only fish at designated fishing holes, my favorite of which is this ice fishing hole (only one in the original game's content). you can either sit on the stool or fish but you sadly can't do both

one of the intricacies of crafting in final fantasy 14 is that some recipes have elemental aspects which you can use different abilities on. it makes your person look goofy sewing lightning into a belt !

this is an update on my blue mage set!!! i have a doofy hat its great i love it. yes this is me flexing that my free company has a house in shirogane the east asian themed housing town

really bad liberatarianism post that is anti MLK jr. Show more

the joss whedon cut of justice league was fine idk what you are were on about

come on in, have a seat, I'm here to debate steven universe with you

doing some research before i download the retranslated version of final fantasy tactics,

there are places from the Roman days named cis- fucked up

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