damn this is almost cool enough to make up for the fact that its craft beer

why is everyone at marvel obsessed with using a hammer wrong? they do this with thor in the movies too. they depict people holding the hammer right at the top of the shaft instead of the base which would mean you could apply less force. dumb.

lol @ the dsa rose (the own from ken klippenstein is good too)

when you're a vote blue no matter who headass and someone criticizes your war criminal of choice running for the position of head hitler in charge, and you're out of all other ideas to deal with them

block recommendation 

in the aftermath of red's absolutely unhinged thread yesterday was this absolutely unacceptable attack on a disabled and poverty stricken man. block and defederate with moon.holday.

food, i guess 

pictures from italian community delivers yet again

I regret to inform you that Michael parenti's author photo is him in a fedora

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