listen up, i'm from the midwest, bitch. i WILL make you a casserole.

@wintgenstein I know what you guys do to pizza; not sure I want to know your take on a casserole! :blobpeek:

@wintgenstein @rysiek As deep dish Chicago ride-or-die, I agree with this.

@patience can i say hotdish is a casserole or is that considered a hot take on here

@wintgenstein them's fighting words if you're from Minnesota,

but I'll buck the trend and agree that "duck duck grey duck" is just ludicrous

@patience we need to launch a full investigation into this place. for starters i'm doubtful they really have a thousand lakes. most of those are probably ponds smdh

@wintgenstein no, it's closer to 12,000 lakes, or closer to 22,00p lakes if using a more generous metric

i can attest, having lived there for five years

@wintgenstein just flying over Minnesota it's obvious how pockmarked it is with lakes

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