BREAKING!!! 3rd Annual Final Fantasy XIV pride celebration will be happening on the leviathan server on the primal data center! they're reaching out to people who don't usually play the game who will not be able to attend pride celebrations this year due to covid-19! all the info you need to attend is here join me :)

its really nice to play an online game where being homo or trans phobic in any way would get you ostracized from the community :)

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awww im tearing up reading this info. i love the levi and primal community tbh.

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@wintgenstein god this is so cool i wish i played this game

@shade you can do a trial account just to see the festivities ! the organizers want to open it up to anyone who can't attend pride irl due to covid

@wintgenstein when i started playing ffxiv i joined the faerie server bc i was certain it’d be the gayest

@red oh nice! you can always make a level 1 alt for the festivities if you want!

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