I like this site. where else would I read people argue that working from home removed your humanity

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@wintgenstein I'm also seeing people poo-pooing governments tracking and monitoring coronavirus cases because anarchists gonna anarchism, I guess.

@LuigiEsq I bet a bunch are gonna burn their citizen bailout check lol

@wintgenstein local commune succumbs to coronavirus after democratic council gathers in small room to declare that mandating social distancing would be statist oppressiojn.

@LuigiEsq you joke but uh I've seen people say quarantined are statism in action

@wintgenstein Oh yeah, 100%. Sometimes I wonder if these people actually believe what they're saying or if they're just fully devoted to becoming a meme ideology.

@wintgenstein working from home has removed my humanity, increased my love for antics, and led to me finding crime to be... quite funny. almost like a joke...

@evan God I wish Scott auckerman didn't delete his suicide squad review on twitter

@wintgenstein don’t remember that one let me try to find it...

@wintgenstein “there’s almost something chilling about the Joker—someone who finds the thought of crime to be funny.”

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