Heard joke once: Man goes to war council. Says he's losing war. Says battles seem deadly and fruitless. Says he feels all alone in a threatening world where what lies ahead is vague and uncertain. Council says, 'Treatment is simple. Great strategist Zhuge Liang is in Shu Han tonight. Go and see him. That should pick you up.' Man bursts into tears. Says, 'But Council…I am Zhuge Liang'

i wanna record an audio of this but im gonna butcher zhuge liang's name

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@wintgenstein i spent the last 5 minutes scouring the internet for pronunciation guides

@wintgenstein actually i found a video by a chinese person saying the total war games mispronounced some names so i didnt do that


@ItsMorgan ah yeah they didn't use the correct pronounciations of the games until like 6 for the english dub. british colonialists created the first romanized alphabet for chinese languages in the early 20th century and for some reason a lot of english speakers still use that instead of the one the chinese government made that's far closer to pronunciation

@wintgenstein @ItsMorgan Does not pronunciation depend on the specific chinese language in question, so you cannot have one romanization fitting all languages?

@IngaLovinde @ItsMorgan id imagine it does change but I'm only familiar with mandarin orthography

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