the sims 4...folks you hate to see how many features from previous iterations that EA stripped out. they aren't even trying anymore. the new expansions barely add anything and a handful of items

@wintgenstein what really irritates me is how much harder they make it with each game to mod the games and add outside content. idk ea maybe if your base game content wasn’t such garbage people wouldn’t have to have a dedicated online community for making hair and clothing and makeup and body mods LMFAO

@lesbiangoth the only sims mod i know of is The Rejuvanator for the sims 2 which was a special shower that filled all your bars and emptied the ones you want empty and this guy who rode my bus in middle school and sat in front of me would like talk his HEAD OFF about how the game was Literally Unplayable without this mod lol. like dude you removed the entire point of the game lmao. he grew up to be a "games are too hard!!!!" guy lol

@wintgenstein oh i used a ton of mods and player content in sims 3. there’s some great mods LMFAO. i’m mostly thinking about content that makes people run around with massive dicks and things like that. my friend ran the stupidfuckingsims blog on tumblr and a lot of the content was my creations or ideas.

@lesbiangoth ah lol. its really good too me that the sims 3 expansions haven't been current for like, literally 4 orr 5 years and yet they're still sold at full price....i just pirated all of them and EA can't stop me :3

@wintgenstein i’ve never paid for a sims game in my life. the first one my parents got for me when i was 11 along with 3 expansions and then after that i just torrented them in high school lol.


@lesbiangoth i would torrent the sims 4 but i doubt they added much new stuff to 3 and 2 to make it worthwhile tbh

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