@wintgenstein At least he isn't into standup so we don't have to worry about a Netflix special.

that whole thing of him whining because deplatforming worked was so good

@wintgenstein he fucking wrote a book "how to be poor" after this and I just um can't deal.

@wintgenstein @JohnBrownJr a Mr. Show character that got loose and horribly lost its way

@wintgenstein I wish I could believe it. Living is expensive sure, but Nazis lie and those who back them up have deep pockets

@interneteh someone leaked his telegram chat and telegram is the only platform that won't kick him off. he's down to like 1000 subs and keeps yelling at them because they won't buy books and merch

@wintgenstein hehehe nice.

I only mean just because he's not a draw anymore doesn't mean the Koch bro who didn't die isn't sliding money into his pockets. Or whoever.

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