There was an indigneous women's march the other day in brazil to protest the amazon burning.

@wintgenstein would be nice if people stopped framing this as a "left vs right" issue.

@rook it is though? brazil's government is undeniably fascist and that's 100% why the amazon deforestation is kicking into high gear.

@wintgenstein sounds like you're equating anything on the right (or even not on the left) with fascism... which is basically the thing I'm complaining about.

@rook shut the fuck up you're either a fascist yourself or an apologist

@rook @wintgenstein I'll admit that the trend you're describing is occasionally a thing.
But Brazil's president is very clearly a neo-fascist. Which points us to another problem: if you want to talk about that thing, you probably need to do your homework. Otherwise you end up backing actual fascists.


Seeing as I've already been told I'm a fascist (or thereabouts) myself, for the crime of wishing for an ounce of nuance, I'd say that very thing has already happened in this thread. Not to mention the quote to which I was responding.

I'm still not clear about what you think "that thing" is, because I wasn't commenting on the Brazilian president, but on the unhinged who draw a line right where they are standing and assert the unforgivable evils of everyone slightly to right/left of it.

@rook look back on the thread, and your response to a comment about Brazil's government. It looks a lot like you're claiming they, specifically, are not fascists. I really can't see any other meaning to your comment.

So I'm quickly loosing interest in this discussion, because you're increasingly looking like you're willfully wasting my time and energy.

@panina Speaking of reading: READ THE QUOTE and specifically the context of left vs right... it talks about climate change and broadens the scope beyond Brazil.

But yes, I am wasting your time because I'm not going to reaffirm your adroitness when you're simply full of shit. Not on purpose, I didn't realize you were that kind of person and I apologize; I should have figured out by now that the kind of people to pile on to this kind of thing are all the same.

My bad.

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