a mascot is just a fursona with a job

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@wintgenstein it’s like a whole thing that most mascot costumes are made by furries

@wintgenstein I say we need more (fursona) job creators. I think we should adopt the Japanese method that anything and everything should have a friendly, anthropomorphic, paid mascot. That's my campaign promise for Mayor of this Office Park's Tiny Courtyard, we'll have our own mascot. #Jobs4Fursonas2020

@wintgenstein Did you know: A requirement for successful Kanban practices often ignored in the US is that the company's mascot should pull cards representing corporate morale through each stage of the work flow, joyfully mimicking the production flow. Should a morale card get stuck for too long in one column or there be too many cards for capacity, the office, floor, or printer mascots should pitch in to help.

In this memo, I will... #Jobs4Fursonas2020

@wintgenstein That last one started as a joke, but the more I think about it, the happier I would be if any future "Scrum Master" I ever have had to lead standups by miming through a mascot costume. Though that may say something more that I've never seen a "Scrum Master" whose job wouldn't have improved by talking less and wearing more amusing costumes and I cannot picture a version of that job that isn't just a failed mascot with useless training.

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