I sure do love the ad comparing being on your parents' insurance to being a petulant child. Christ insurance under capitalism is inhuman.

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@wintgenstein I read an article the other day about people stockpiling insulin before they fall of their folks’ insurance, so basically fuck insurance companies forever.

@wintgenstein it’s really bad. They then have to ration their insulin because it’s so expensive they can’t afford the correct amount

@Thomas @wintgenstein fucking patent law bullshit. Everyone involved deserves every bad thing possible

@remulacfrommars @wintgenstein imagine being that motivated by profit that you can literally see people dying by your action and not change

@remulacfrommars @Thomas @wintgenstein it’s the same with epi pens, which I need for my son. I hate these assholes so much

@remulacfrommars @wintgenstein god, when I think about it in the context of children it becomes so much worse. I’m sorry you have to deal with that.

@Thomas @wintgenstein I’m lucky we can afford it, but so many can’t and it’s not right

@Thomas the most fucked up thing about people dying is that insulin is insanely cheap to produce and these ghouls mark it up a ton

@wintgenstein exactly. It’s reprehensible. The cost has gone way up in the past few years too

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