half price books is selling books by the YARD? at fifty dollars a yard? i'm having trouble discerning how much of a deal this is.


lol, they sell pre-made yards in case you're building a set or want to put on airs of intellectualism

basically all their branding on the site makes them out to be Woke Amazon and. fucking . lol. at the book they chose.


imagine wanting to look fancy by buying yards of readers digest

@wintgenstein standing next to my bookshelf when I have guests over to make sure they notice my large collection of LAW BOOKS

@comradetaylorswift lol every lawyer office i've been in has the same standard books this is probably a deal for them, i doubt they ever reference them

@wintgenstein I want to know what kind of forbidden law knowledge volumes 71 - 112 contain

@comradetaylorswift do those books just like. list every law on the books tha tyear?

@wintgenstein “you know you can just look those up on the internet, right?”
lawyer, buried in books: “the what?”

@wintgenstein oh yeah this is super common — lots of people have decorative books, because they want the aesthetic but their real books don’t fit.

@wintgenstein I may have to start selling "book-back book holders" on etsy or something...

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