thinking about the gamecube keyboard controlelr made for use with phantasy star online, its so bad

@wintgenstein I think about 10 people bought it

Even on Dreamcast I just used the premade expressions, because I’m lazy

@madeline its good that ffxiv uses the ffxi like pre made phrases that auto translate to any language the game is localized in. like you type nice to meet you and hit tab and can select that to auto translate. they added this to ffxi because like there were no regional servers, japanese and western players played on the same server which seems galaxy brain in hindsight

@wintgenstein I always wished I’d picked up the PS2 version of ffxi because you could use the HDD it needed to launch ISO’s of ps1 and PS2 games, on top of playing ffxi

@madeline i really wish i played ffxi even though when i was a teen during its heyday i literally couldn't have 15 minutes of internet without my stepdad wanting to use the phone to talk to one of his dumbass buddies for a few hours

@wintgenstein yeah

We had dialup too so it really wouldn’t have worked out too well

That’s why I ended up soloing most of PSO lol

@wintgenstein there's a lot of crimes here but the biggest one is putting the start button on the left side

@wintgenstein Finally, I can comfortably play Super Smash Brothers Melee,
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