i have since been informed that this man is not wearing a kamen rider henshin device and is in fact wearing a ben 10 henshin device...it makes it even better

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@wintgenstein it's times like these that I wish my sexuality came with slightly higher standards,

@wintgenstein you know what dismays me even more than "this man is attractive to me despite his ahoodiegao"? this man is attractive to me despite his bucket hat

@byttyrs were you into that one guy from bleach with the bucket hat too

@byttyrs kisuke urahaha he sells spiritual goods on the black market to the good guys in bleach

@wintgenstein oh. no, I am not in general into either bucket hats or blondes

@jimpjorps @wintgenstein I'm weighing the respective merits of "fabricating some weebrage about this LIBEL on traditional Japanese men'swear" versus, like, holding on to the scraps of dignity I have left

@byttyrs @jimpjorps its a lewk tbh. i go for comfort and how well it'll be easy to find said clothing in big and tall sizes and japanese mens wear matches both criteria

@byttyrs @wintgenstein god mads you're so cancelled. This is the least valid thing

@nuttgodd @wintgenstein I accept this... I had this coming... it was only a matter of time before someone noticed my taste in men is, on balance, irredeemable trash

@byttyrs @nuttgodd have u seen the sitcom alone together on freeforM ? (its on hulu) its got amazing "hot woman with trash taste in men" representation

@byttyrs @nuttgodd its one of the more accurate looks of being a 20 something with a shitty job in the era of insta influencer millionaires imo. the male lead lives with his mega rich brother for free in return for doing all his grunt work its so good. what i like most is the two leads are Just Friends and there hasn't been any attempt so far at making them fall in love

@wintgenstein @byttyrs this is like literally every sitcom with straight people

@nuttgodd @wintgenstein @byttyrs my wife refuses to watch most Kevin James sitcoms because of this (King of Queens especially)

@anthonydavis @nuttgodd @wintgenstein "beautiful woman who's married to a man with nothing going for him" is one thing, but if by "hot girl with trash taste in men" Rico means "hot girl with a different horrifying boyfriend every episode"... THAT, I need more of in my life

@byttyrs @anthonydavis @wintgenstein ok that's definitely different given most sitcoms have tons of hot women that are desperately in love with the goblin ass schmucks who lay pipe with ease while whining about it and the girls don't even know other people exist

@nuttgodd @byttyrs @anthonydavis its different because the male lead is very very unlucky in love despite being conventionally attractive

@byttyrs @anthonydavis @nuttgodd oh yeah. its been a year or so since i've seen it but she has just bottom of the barrel men

As someone who hasn't seen Kamen Rider, but has played Viewtiful Joe:

Henshin a go-go, baby!

Is it available streaming somewhere? I checked VRV since I figured they would have it, but no dice

@Authoritimmy the only kamen rider series with legal streaming in america is the amazon prime one. but they're all on JAToku, if torrenting is your thing you can find it on tv-nihon. jatoku.xyz/series/397-kamen-ri

@JohnBrownJr well they make lots of shirts like this because lots of guys like to broadcast how much they love hentai

@wintgenstein what super power does this Ben 10 alien have?

@bryceyoungquist @wintgenstein

i wonder if healyn was telling the truth when he told me he had no idea who the italian ahealygo man was.

@wintgenstein @bryceyoungquist

hmmm... he isnt smol or red-haired so that sounds fake.

terrible gross weeblish 

@byttyrs just as cursed as this post deserves, thank you

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