tumblr is claiming Marie kondo is teaching westerners "traditional Japanese culture" lolin at this

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@wintgenstein every generation must have its weird obsession with the superiority of japanese culture

at least theirs is slightly less focused on the power of titty animes

@anna @wintgenstein i cannot judge them too harshly because jesus christ can you imagine the nightmares we would have become AIM had been forums instead

@bryceyoungquist @wintgenstein i was Extremely Online on AIM and i can say with certainty that it would have been an absolute nightmare

@anna @wintgenstein a world where every AIM discussion was instead a series of hostile subtweets about either someone at your high school, or someone else on

@bryceyoungquist @wintgenstein at least i was mostly like, running moogle clubs and talking about graphing calculators and shit like that and there was no discourse, so that was a really good thing about that era

@anna @bryceyoungquist yeah I was and still am bummed that aim got killed by facebook chat

@wintgenstein @bryceyoungquist a few months ago i set up a virtual machine with windows 98 and kernelex and tried to simulate Being Online In The 90s but it took me less than 5 minutes to realize that with AIM being dead and nobody using anything like jabber to kind of sort of replace it, theres literally nothing i could to do come even close to that experience

@anna @bryceyoungquist aim exists in browser form and the window even emulated a 95 desktop

@anna @bryceyoungquist I tried it when they announced the big one was online but some people were still on mobile. kicked around seeing if they kept the same number for 9 years and decided against it

@anna @wintgenstein you had no The Discourse? we had discussions about the iraq war. naturally, as a young cishet white shithead from the middle of nowhere who knew nothing, i was incredibly pro-. HOO BOY AM I GRATEFUL THERE'S NO RECORD OF THAT LEFT BEHIND

@anna @wintgenstein basically for all the nightmares of modern tumblr discourse it occurs in an environment where the furthest left viewpoint is somewhere past "maybe Iraq is not -exclusively- upside" and as such I am hard-pressed to condemn it as worse than our own

@bryceyoungquist @anna your experience with tumblr is very different from mine. be they leftist or liberal tumblr people are very war hungry.

@bryceyoungquist @wintgenstein i was mormon so i parroted a lot of really shitty things about The Gays that i didn't actually believe and usually ended up conceding on because i knew that anti-gay beliefs were shit but had no power to say what i really felt

@anna @wintgenstein pre-Facebook egg takes on the people they would become could, alone, if harnessed, power most of the continental united states with their heat

@anna @bryceyoungquist @wintgenstein I remember being 12 and believing that Jesus wouldn't hate me for thinking about other males if I just thought about anime titties for half a second after every time I thought about gay stuff. Caught him in a loophole!

@colophonscrawl @anna @wintgenstein one of the few advantages of catholicism and/or judaism as an environment to be brought up in: there is a rich tradition within the faith of rules lawyering the shit out of the Lord

@bryceyoungquist @anna @wintgenstein "I'm still going to heaven because I didn't kiss him on the mouth, I just thought about it really really hard"

@colophonscrawl @anna @wintgenstein one of the great hypocrisies is that the Horny Catholic Girl Exception somehow does not include them: "it doesn't count as having sex if we try to do it in the ass"

Bad Ideas For 500 Alex

@colophonscrawl @anna @wintgenstein there are people who can enjoy anal sex, with preparation and full understanding of one another's limits

horny teenagers in the middle of nowhere trying to rules-lawyer Jesus out of hating them for fucking fulfill precisely zero of these criteria

@bryceyoungquist @anna @wintgenstein Oh yeah, saddlebacking! What I love is when they claim "Well it's not real sex so you aren't going to get diseases from it." I genuinely get a warm grin on my face whenever I hear that, it brightens my day a little bit to hear that distant whistle of the karmic train.

@colophonscrawl @bryceyoungquist @wintgenstein "anyway this is why i need to have shitty hentai on in the background to get off in 2019, i feel like this is something i should tell you before we go back to my place"

@bryceyoungquist @anna @wintgenstein christ was i in some weird online bubble where everybody still hated bush consistently and were iraq skeptics (bUt SaDdAm GasSeD HiS oWn PeoPleE)? I felt bad sympathizing with a guy who was not a complete iraq skeptic.

@anna @bryceyoungquist I decided it was time to find a new place to post when I saw just how many tumblr lgbt people call other lgbt people "degenerate sex freaks " for having kinks At All

@wintgenstein @bryceyoungquist if i have one issue with the tumblrs is that they have fucked up ace discourse so bad that i, an ace person, feel terrible and invalid and get yelled at every goddamned time it comes up

really just doing a great job on helping aces get what we need there, tumblerinos.

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