ah dunkey reviewed kingdom hearts 3, and the review is: its a bad game because its not a fash shootman game, he should just stop reviewing RPGs tbh

@wintgenstein didn't he give the God of War game a perfect score? Hes shat on shooters in the past, too

@Aleums yeah he shits on shooters that are unpopular..but he basically complains the entire review of an RPG that he isn't immediately OP to one shot enemies or that there is a single moment that isn't instant action...its very American criticisms of rpgs tbh

@wintgenstein I don't think that's a fair characterization of his review, but I do suspect his short form style doesn't really allow for proper criticism of the things he takes issue with in an rpg, in terms of story structure and dialogue. He's also not a fan of jrpgs in general so his reviews of them are likely all gonna be a bit biased.

@Aleums the not instantly able to one shot enemies was basically his problem with octopath. I remember his review of pokemon let's go was really irritating too but I don't remember specifics and am afk so I can't look it up

@wintgenstein @Aleums
Didn’t he really like Monster Hunter tho

I don’t know why anyone would care about his “reviews” anyway

@larrydavis @wintgenstein the videos that he tags as reviews are generally pretty good, but they're never quite long enough to say anything meaningful.

@Aleums @wintgenstein
The MH one was the last I watched, I just liked his old ones where he fucked around

Tbh I don’t think he could come up with something “meaningful” if given all the time in the world

@larrydavis @Aleums get his ass. I too also wish he just fucked around again instead of thinking he's the thinking mans games journalist or whatever

@larrydavis @wintgenstein I think he's funny and sometimes says things that are insightful, but he's a lot better at that first thing

@larrydavis @Aleums I forget honestly. I remember him finding fault with the length of battles which is odd because he loves dark souls

@wintgenstein Ahh that's true, the octopath review basically came across as him explaining why he doesn't like jrpgs, and I didn't give it much credit for that reason. The Pokémon reviews were fine, I don't think they were supposed to be terribly serious, and I think his assertion was understandable (you'll either love em or hate em based on how you feel about Pokémon in general).

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