that hermione granger is black really puts the fact that she's the only person in the UK opposed to slavery in a different light huh

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@Galdrakinn oh yeah i hadn't either until a podcast pointed it out lol. did you read garfiald's thread about contextualizing the books within the british private school system and how hermione represents a working class child who gets in on a scholarship and like is praising how "hard worker" she is? it was very illuminating to me

@wintgenstein No but that was something that had already clicked, what keywords should I search for it?

@Galdrakinn oh does your search allow for keyword searching? idk really hey @garfiald do you have a link to your hermione thread?

@garfiald @Galdrakinn so Dean Thomas had a plot in book 2 that was cut...why would you cut the character you make a point to say is black in the text out from the book about the magical racism ...wyd

The whole "elves like to be enslaved" thing from Harry Potter is just so baffling in retrospect. Like, what was the point the books tried to make there?

@Banquo yeah and hermione is an author self insert character so it just doesn't make much sense

Unless you interpret it as the author presenting herself as the only character who realizes how fucked up slavery is? But there isn't really a conclusion to that arc, it just fizzles out. It's so weird.

@Banquo i guess the conclusion is dobby's sacrifice as the only free elf? but nothing in the previous books would lead me to believe the characters would even like recognize that aside from giving him a grave

Yeah, Harry frees him because his master is cruel, but he's apparently okay with Hogwarts having slaves because they're treated well? The whole thing gives me a headache.

@Banquo yeah the world building of the books is really inconsistent and the plot falls apart when you begin to question the motivations and actions of basically any adult character

@wintgenstein @Banquo another aspect to the elf thing: hermione sets up SPEW which is a Funny Acronym Silly Organisation Haha The Name Means Vomit, it's also a reference to the Socialist Party of England and Wales which Rowling definitely knows of and holds in contempt. you're supposed to think Hermione is being oversensitive and Too PC the whole time

@AnndraADunn @wintgenstein
That makes her being an author self insert character even stranger.

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