the crack epidemic was a deliberate genocide of black americans by the US federal government. calling people "crackhead" as an insult is unbelievably fucked up because that is 100% racialized and classed. crack carries a MUCH heftier sentence than cocaine. i WILL be tearing into you if i see you using crackhead as an insult like this is tumblr and there are no rules. this is your only warning.

drug addiction needs to be understood as an assault on the working class by capitalism. joking about it is fucked up and i will not tolerate people who do this. addicts are people.

@wintgenstein i mean, IMO it's just a straight up exploitation of people BY people. Pushers don't care about who they hurt, they reject their humanity in favour of their own personal gain. That goes beyond politics, that's just? Big fucking a n g e r y when it comes to human decency.

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@wintgenstein and the guy who made crack sentences harsher than cocaine is joe biden

whose son was kicked out of the navy for snorting too much cocaine

@wintgenstein "war on drugs" and "tough on crime" are just euphemisms for locking up POC for crimes that are committed at proportionally greater rates by whites (and who are not targets for arrests.)

@wintgenstein the history of these policies can be traced to both political parties as well, with the likes of Reagan and Bill Clinton being major proponents of being "tough on crime" via the 1986 Drug Anti-abuse Law and 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Acts. Both have resulted in the staggeringly disproportionate incarceration of POC.

@wintgenstein the fact is i come from places where no non-users knew they were even the same drug, tons of cokeheads all around, i knew the houses to walk around in my neighborhood

but we were all scared of crackheads. katy, texas, 91. back then black people were rare to see in katy - there hadn't been a black suburban push following rising salaries (there was later a suburban push but it was depressed housing prices, and then, subprime loans come home to roost eight years later)

crack is cia

@wintgenstein (sorry if this came outta left field i just loved your post)

@wintgenstein i kinda got off track but what i meant to say is that the whole shit was ginned up and i get irritated about it too and i dig you on it

@wintgenstein and that whole "crack babies" thing - so horrible, just an excuse to tear kids away from their parents.

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