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you had hot girl summer, now prepare yourselves for grand theft autumn

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hey everyone, what's up, i'm Rico, i'm 28 i live in the midwest. i like emo and pop punk, cartoons and comics (both western and japanese), final fantasy games, pokemon, and i'm currently writing a coming of age novel about the least worthy person alive being forced to become a superhero!!!!

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if you're a fan of sacred cows, prisoners being taken, and holds being barred: wintgenstein is NOT for you.

even the ceiling the in the university of Michigan museum of art is good!!!

@wintgenstein and yet they cant support a regime change for these united states .. smh

It's truly amazing how many regime change operations npr can support in the span of am hour

purity test - new buzzword to replace 'sjw stuff i dont like' or, epic new midwest emo band name


cosmo from the fairly oddparents aka baby's first himbo

mastodon kicks ass because basically anyone from "myasstodon" gets an auto follow back from me but accounts from "" are always highly suspect and have to be thoroughly checked out

remember when harold pinter won the nobel prize and used his lecture to expose the crimes of american imperialism

Things are tough right now with debt, especially after having time off work to have an operation

I also have Β£112 in overdraft fees to pay due to an emergency vet bill

If you can help at all I'd appreciate it SO much

Thank you πŸ’›

I think im gonna go to the university of Michigan museum of art today cool

i do not like to "get dommed"... i simply get off on empowering women

It's good that I pivoted hard to all my poems being confessional because like now its even more emotionally difficult to write

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