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hey everyone, what's up, i'm Rico, i'm 28 i live in the midwest. i like emo and pop punk, cartoons and comics (both western and japanese), final fantasy games, pokemon, and i'm currently writing a coming of age novel about the least worthy person alive being forced to become a superhero!!!!

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if you're a fan of sacred cows, prisoners being taken, and holds being barred: wintgenstein is NOT for you.

healyn classes for healyn RPG:

healyn nerd
healyn jock
healyn prep
healyn wastoids
healyn band geek
healyn battlemage

the only "church" i'm joining is the church of latter-day saints, to confess and atone for my behavior

we’re gonna need more than a few brave #male engineers to make #healyn2 a reality

For comparison, two of America's most reviled Official Enemies, Iran and Cuba, both had their constitutions voted on directly by their citizens.


Reminder that American voters have never voted on any part of the US constitution lol :khomeni:

just so you know jeff, you are now creating six different timelines

drk players are oppressed - the silent warrior

Ah cool just what i need before bed. toots that are uncwd descriptions of modern day lynchings

My theatre troupe/league of henchman (30M), (42M), (66F), (66F), (23?) have unionized

introducing broadcasting: podcasting just for da ladiez. all hosts are cryptofash for some reason

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