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if you're a fan of sacred cows, prisoners being taken, and holds being barred: wintgenstein is NOT for you.



*Reading the box of the white person I ordered* it says "fra-gee-lay." Must be Italian.


The idea for the fountain of hugo Chavez spitting at amerikans in parks in rec is actually good.

mr. CBP officer who is driving around the greater los angeles airport as part of their duties with airport operations, can i get a CW on your presence?

the funniest thing ive heard about film is that the villains in 80s era slashers is conservative justice. actually, it was reaganโ€™s monster....

no pod save america jackasses to quote tweet for easy likes here

theres a new sheriff of communism in town

was thinking of a bit where i CW all my posts as RACE/POLITICAL for a solid week but realized people would probably want that

waiting to be brought on to the Mastodon.Social mod team to tackle the Spain problem, any day now

"When the South has trouble with its Negroes โ€” when the Negroes refuse to remain in their "place" โ€” it blames "outside agitators" and "Northern interference." When the nation has trouble with the Northern Negro, it blames the Kremlin."

-James Baldwin

hang on i have to watch that Gorillaz live in Harlem video of Dare.

it's nothing short of fucking embarrassing that many big labor unions are coming out in support of cop unions

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