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hey if you want to get me something for the winter holidays my wishlist is here!!!

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hey everyone, what's up, i'm Rico, i'm 28 i live in the midwest. i like emo and pop punk, cartoons and comics (both western and japanese), final fantasy games, pokemon, and i'm currently writing a coming of age novel about the least worthy person alive being forced to become a superhero!!!!

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if you're a fan of sacred cows, prisoners being taken, and holds being barred: wintgenstein is NOT for you.

if you send someone what you have of your novel and they never respond about it...that means they hate it right

insanely cool how i'm seeing "correlation is not causation" used as a way to discredit evidence even when there is an underlying argument to support the notion that the correlation is evidence, which is the exact opposite of what the aforementioned phrase is about

i mentally imagine @jzs42069 as an orderly in a psychiatric hospital who gets paid 10.50 an hour to nod along when i start ranting

i got rich off of hgtv sucking my dick about my cool lawn and now i leave comments all over instagram like im something big

togashi-sensei the mangaka of hunter x hunter is an absolute madman for putting like 20 chapters in a row of what's basically the power struggles within a political party

whenever an advertisement talks about buying something for "her" they mean your dog

most fucked up thing about I am Frankie: there is a place called "Sepulveda" and its named after a spanish philosopher wtf

here's one thing that always bothered me about the Wicked books: the true parentage of Liir is a mystery in Wicked, in the sequel's actual text it's a mystery you're left wondering until like the very last page. so why the fuck did they spoil it and confirm he's Elphaba's son in the dang title by calling it Son of a Witch??

One of the oddest images in my mind is Mary Harris "Mother" Jones rising from the grave with a shotgun and regulating the punks who are smearing her name.

at one point in friend sim volume 1 you eat a hot dog with a troll, lady and the tramp style, as prelude to a kiss

wtf it won't let me take screencaps of friendsim when it's in full screen mode, it just fuckin posts a screencap of mastodon

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