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if you're a fan of sacred cows, prisoners being taken, and holds being barred: wintgenstein is NOT for you.

@wintgenstein we were too busy allying with them against the soviet union

hey I'm not on this account anymore so go follow @georgespolitzer and also tune into my stream on twitch in 3 hours I'm gonna stream a game that's symphony of the night if it were mario

ok y'all I'm about to be really brave here so I hope I can count on your support

[anti-communist propaganda I was taught in high school]

ok, please don't kill me I know this is controversial

the man is literally terrified of a 115 pound white woman

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oh my god kanye really postponed his 10th album because taylor swift surprised dropped a number one album. he's done lmao

laughing and loling at this genius annotation (the main intro) that declares j cole to have been at the top of the rap game

Bari or Cole round 2 

“Can you like the person you love to hate?”

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Bari or Cole round 1 

“One phone call gets you cancelled like a homophobe in this PC culture”

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i'm not really impressed by those books where its a 600 page run on sentence that never stops, mostly i'm horrified at how much of a nightmare that must've been to edit

failing like 18 perception checks where i try and discern the politics of the facebook group "monolinguals are the worst (LGBT+)"

and i'm over here like "grandma found out we can get the digital abc and cw channels if we cover our antannae in aluminum foil so that's my weekend plans sorted out"

Wow trying to watch some old show on amazon and their algorithm just.. inserts commercials wherever the hell it wants like in the middle of explanations and monologues or whatever


so the federal agents all hid in the same building together? sure would be a shame if it burnt to the ground while they were in it because they barricaded the exits.

twitter bullshit, Elon mud, colonialism 

Apartheid aficionado musk boi """joked""" about how he can coup whoever he wants on Twitter

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