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you had hot girl summer, now prepare yourselves for grand theft autumn

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hey everyone, what's up, i'm Rico, i'm 28 i live in the midwest. i like emo and pop punk, cartoons and comics (both western and japanese), final fantasy games, pokemon, and i'm currently writing a coming of age novel about the least worthy person alive being forced to become a superhero!!!!

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if you're a fan of sacred cows, prisoners being taken, and holds being barred: wintgenstein is NOT for you.

yeah i got a bug report for whenever i go to make a post this song starts playing really loud

Lmao they nominated dave Mathews band for the rock and roll hall of fame. what a joke

Every time I see Portuguese, my brain tries to read Spanish and starts short-circuiting until I find the first Γ£o and go, "Oh."

In the YouTube fast food reviewing community it's tradition to say that you have watched a fellow youtube reviewers channel even if you haven't

Does Gandalf have to go to the bathroom? He's a Maiar. But then, he is in a mortal body...

pronouncing praxis like paΓ­s as revenge for quixotic.

the best thing about mastodon is that there are way fewer people here

tying knots: masculine
untying knots/untangling: feminine
cutting knots: effeminate

pssing off everyone under 25 by refusing to buy a battle pass becuase i can't possible play enough fortnite for it to be worth it, and also i use default skins and refuse to dance and treat it like a competitive fps game

just gonna go to a tesla song and melt down about justin bieber, in 2019,

why is every single comment on a hair metal track on youtube the same, the state of gen x

wait fuck this one's actually good. its going in the poem

telling my wife to stop saying "oh lawd they comin" as i undress before bed

time heals all wounds feels trite until it happens you to and that's tea

Can't believe Song of the South isn't on Disney +. Unbelievable omission.

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