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im like an alchemist with the way I turn pain into poems

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you had hot girl summer, now prepare yourselves for grand theft autumn

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if you're a fan of sacred cows, prisoners being taken, and holds being barred: wintgenstein is NOT for you.

I'm listening to my husband's Russian Duolingo lessons and it seems like, if the point of the Italian course is to send you to Italy so you can visit palazzi and eat formaggio, the point of the Russian one is to pull off a successful kidnapping

@wintgenstein "It's created by me, mrtrollface2022, JinNeko12, Starwolf08 (ZerOz000), SeHakurei, Wiki-the-Human, jusme5, Joseph Pena (penajo007), ballerinadream77, Fistron and LluviadeNoviembre999." Laffing at these usernames

the fanfic has three factions: the grand alliance, which is NATO, the global liberation union which is all terroists (including the ypg and isis?), and the coalition of the red star, which is all communists

i found that wiki searching "3que vietnam" because i wanted to know why vietnamese people call vietnam's version of gusanos 3ques and well, it turns out its vietnamese for 3 stripes which was the south vietnam flag

they're literally just like, children's cartoon girls. but in real life. and also they kill communists

"Amidst the Rapture, some doomsday cults and some clergies believe that the Preschool Girls are a gift from above and from God to the whole world, while some conspiracy theorists claim that the Preschool Girls are from aliens whose UFOs had been either crash landed or used tractor beams to send them down. Even when in cartoons, where they were "perfect," they have some disadvantages." what in the fucking WORLD!?

i just found this utterly bizarre fanfic someone wrote about an epic bad ass south korean soldier who goes around killing communists in world war 3 and he's helped by preschool girls??? what in the world when-the-cold-breeze-blows-awa

@wintgenstein joe pesci's "you think i'm funny" bit from goodfellas but it's "you think you're funny" and directed at louis ck and also not a joke

joe pesci's recent advice to louis c.k.: stop doing stand-up. you're not funny.
get his ass!!! 👏 👏 👏

we should be able to buy microtransactions to bypass the work day

@wintgenstein @tarzanboy I’m scared of anyone who’s capable of this because it means they can probably kill me and hide the evidence well enough to get away with it

i'm sure they're nice for you but i have an anxiety episode whenever someone posts a picture of their bullet jorunal, its trying too hard

You’ve heard of the fursona. Now get ready for the Jersona.

venezuala's civillian milita is now 9% of the total population of the country AND its integrated into the armed forces

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