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im like an alchemist with the way I turn pain into poems

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if you're a fan of sacred cows, prisoners being taken, and holds being barred: wintgenstein is NOT for you.

- "What are you gonna do now?"
- "I'm gonna do the right thing."
Last lines of spike lee's "Do the Right Thing

lookin good healyn 

@healyn I’ve never seen a guy hoverhand himself

Hey sure seems like superman would recognize the story of his home world, a colonial superpower too full of hubris to see its own destruction coming, in the story of his friend Aquaman's kingdom. Anyway, I bet this is just another thing that there is no way to make relevant to modern times either.

it works really well for some games. spelunky is still amazing. crypt of the necrodancer whips. i love shiren the wanderer. but most games? just design some levels yall

the promise of procedural generation in the late 00s/early 10s was having an infinite well of content to dip into. the reality was that you have 10 billion levels to play but they are all boring and bad

in that Spin Doctors song Two Princes, which one was Mohammed bin Salman? the good one, right?

@wintgenstein I am a proponent of the theory that every single person in the CPUSA is an FBI agent spying on the communists, but because of opsec none of them know of the existence of the others

The next kind of poisoning we're going to perfect here is "fun poisoning". You're all having too much fun and it's creating a toxic environment for those of us who want to be grumpy assholes.

few things as sad as when a CPUSA member posts a picture of their membership card to try and leftier than thou you

I used to know these hardcore Christian people who were really into Sufjan Stevens until he made that one album where he says curse words and they had to disown him and delete their albums

The coronavirus is what makes white people put on sombreros and post facebook statuses about "cinco de drinko" on the fifth of May

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