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the crack epidemic was a deliberate genocide of black americans by the US federal government. calling people "crackhead" as an insult is unbelievably fucked up because that is 100% racialized and classed. crack carries a MUCH heftier sentence than cocaine. i WILL be tearing into you if i see you using crackhead as an insult like this is tumblr and there are no rules. this is your only warning.

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hey everyone, what's up, i'm Rico, i'm 28 i live in the midwest. i like emo and pop punk, cartoons and comics (both western and japanese), final fantasy games, pokemon, and i'm currently writing a coming of age novel about the least worthy person alive being forced to become a superhero!!!!

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if you're a fan of sacred cows, prisoners being taken, and holds being barred: wintgenstein is NOT for you.

em sits down to watch an anime called something like Girl Mech Ultratopia, takes a sip of tea. "frogs", they say

cloudy day so its hard to see inside to read. itd be nice if my apartment gad overhead lighting

do gamers think Cloud was a chad for banging two women in like one year

putting "Sent from my iPhone" in my webmail signature just to mindfreak em

the difference between black metal and death metal is one of them is made with potatoes and the other is made with eggs and flour

oh FUCK yes ladies, The Gameing Discourse is about to get REAL good

my back walls are my "load" bearing walls if you get what i mean do you get what i mean

here's a peak behind the curtian: the three main characters of my novel prometheus chained had their powersets designed to resemble the holy trinity of rpgs of dps tank and healer

think i might pwn a #cisadmin or two on here, for fun...

hot take on shit i know nothing about: cars designs stopped evolving in the 90's because all the worlds designers were hired by those weird shops that are just full of, like, teacups and stationery items but made to look as twee as humanly possible

what if they went thru with naming google googol. think about the “well, actually” ramifications

folks the shorts i bought two years ago are now too small and tight and its not like a serious problem but there is discomfort at my waist

@wintgenstein thinking about the alternate universe where Prodigy beat out AOL and 25 years later we're all using our IBM ThinkPhones to order stuff next-day with our Sears Platinum accounts

im still steaming that the former president of iran Mahmoud ahmadinejad is a chapo boy smh

Shocked and disappointed that Iran only shot down one US drone. Do better, fam

@wintgenstein they co-owned Prodigy back in the 80s and early 90s but divested from it in 1996 because they said online sales "didn't fit into their business strategy"

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