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The Passion of the Christ but it's just a two second clip of Jesus looking into the camera and saying "graphic design"

*watching numa numa and taking a drag on a cigarette, i am 2,000 years old* i was there, 1,986 years ago, when the ancient magicks were written

:pitfall: hot take that at the very least feels correct 

Superhero movies killed the erotic thriller

@radicalrobit thank fuck, the garbage online complement to Inquisition is one of that game's (many) flaws

lmao up until a few months ago it looks like EA was still going to go through in forcing Bioware to add a multiplayer component to Dragon Age 4. Whatever the fuck that would have looked like.

I’m furious about the minimum wage increase because $15 is still not enough money and it should happen today not in 5 years

what if every bone in your skeleton had a brain filling

Phones are made for texting with my friends and getting mad on the internet, NOT for making or receiving calls

activating a series of powerful rockets on the moon, which gradually falls out of its orbit, toward the earth. It erupts in flames as it enters the atmosphere and crashes into the crust, creating pink clouds of dust.

it's a girl

The democrats explaining why they can't raise minimum wage due to a parliamentary procedure suggestion

Poll - do you wash your legs in the shower? 

Gotta pick one

the two buttons meme but its me trying to decide between "its extremely stupid that corporations keep doing empty performative wokeness lip service that that doesn't actually do anything except piss off conservatives" and "its extremely funny that conservatives keep getting pissed off by corporations doing empty performative wokeness lip service that doesn't actually do anything"

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