(A knock on your door, you open it and I'm standing outside wearing a Napoleonic Navy officer uniform)
Me: Good day, have you heard the good word of Patrick O'Brian and his beloved The Aubrey-Maturin series and the beloved Peter Wier's major motion picture Master and Commander? I have some literature here for you...

loving how furious the bitcoin community is with elon musk right now. real 'let em fight' kinda sitch

@Thomas that sounds more hardcore tbh, what did it look like

@whiskeysailor @cicatriz_jdr everything I know about gasoline safety I learned from Zoolander and the Always Sunny where they drive around in a van with a garbage can full of gas

the plastic bag of gasoline video is chilling because i feel like this country is roughly a hair's width away from rallying around:

"the government doesn't want you to put gasoline in bags because it's good, actually! it's fantastic -- good for the gas, and good for the bags! i do it all the time, and you should be doing it right now!"

you really can respond to *any* question with "not much dog, what's up with you?!"

In this house, we accept only vine-ripened sheep.

folks in glasgow just stopped a deportation by blocking the cops in the street until they let the people go

@JohnBrownJr shiiiit yeah if I ever get a full espresso setup at home I'm just gonna fucking die


The idea that any BBQ in the world would stack up to Memphis BBQ is so wild to me. Absolutely not

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