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When you’re oppressed for your love of gaming and your love of Laura

Like how is this not the greatest thing. This man looks like Leo Johnson got a body and a saxophone and was unafraid to show off both

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Watching The Lighthouse with one other person and waiting interminably for the rest of your social and parasocial circles to catch up so you can quote the line about rare steak ad nauseam:

Racism, colorism 

I log into LinkedIn for something (yes) and this is what I see in the feed?

Okay fedi I know this is actually bad news but please do your thing

Can check 

I haven’t drunk orange soda in literal years and this is what you people have done to me

It’s time to enter... (alcohol) 

... da peche mode

WE MADE THE GUARDIAN— oh wait they’re just reporting on Twitter. Bastards

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