Today in manufacturing consent: the MA government has realized that if you split people ages 0-19 into four separate groups, it doesn't look like kids have the highest numbers of covid infections. Time to reopen the schools!!!!!!

US pol, 4chan screenshot 

Sorry but I found something very funny

Please play Donut County, because it has shit like this between levels


Starting tonight, my satanic household will once again be watching one (1) horror or otherwise thematic movie for every night of October.

My poll told me not to get a laserdisc account, so you're all going to suffer through this shit with me here

Me, pretending I don't have a five paragraph essay prepared when someone asks me for an opinion:

Covid, bullshit reporting that I shouldn't have clicked on 

This article is exactly as terrible as the headline suggests

US pol, shitty Guardian hot take 

Fuck the actual fucking all the way the fuck off


This pamphlet is trying to tell me about drugs but it’s not telling me where to find any. C+ grade


A meadery opened way too close to our place. I won’t say exactly how close to reduce dox risk but

US pol 

Look at this fucking math, this entire election system is so cursed

Capitalism wants me to know I should be taking meds for my depression 

This is so fucked

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