Starting tonight, my satanic household will once again be watching one (1) horror or otherwise thematic movie for every night of October.

My poll told me not to get a laserdisc account, so you're all going to suffer through this shit with me here

Night 1: John Carpenter’s “The Thing.” Second viewing. God, I was fucking looking forward to this all year. I simply cannot get over the effects and the direction. Shlock that’s more than shlock, toxic masc posturing that’s so much more than that too. It’s still hilarious to me how this got hyper-panned on release and crawled at the box office, only to do the ultimate critical 180

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Also the music is so perfect. Never underestimate the power of two notes

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“The Thing” is like “Jaws” except that everyone is the shark

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@infernusgoatus man, what if the Thing were actually Sharknado. Everyone gets possessed and turns into a whirling mass of shark flesh

@wicche The Thing is actually every horror movie monster. There has only ever been one monster and it is the Thing.

@wicche shit I just invented superwholock for horror movies

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