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All that the feds ever needed to permanently disrupt online movements was to plant the idea that people not only can but ought to reveal certain types of personal info online

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I've filtered things you people wouldn't believe. Threads on fire from performative circlejerks. I watched capital sow chaos at the very gates of liberation. All those posts will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to log off.

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I mean, I can’t believe I didn’t make this five years ago lol

Thought "trombone" is funny? They used to be called sackbuts. look it up.

you cannot kill javascript in a way that matters

The Mind's Eye (1990)

Possibly the most popular 3D animation anthology of its time, a vast collection themed around space and speculative art. Had a big impact on me personally.


VR Guillotine Simulator, you could experience your head rolling

US pol 

US pol 

you can tell a lot about someone by how they hand their trash over to the airline steward

Remember that time we all thought Weeg had been kidnapped


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I know exactly where Thomas is in New York right now. However, I'm not there myself, so I can't do anything about it

I know there are other places where people speak English and also people don't have to live anywhere special in order to speak it, this is a joke poll

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Someone who speaks English is using a Simpsons avatar or meme. Are they:

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