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it's honestly so fucked up that no-one has canceled Luigi yet, I mean the guy is a .social mod for God's sake!!! Where's you're fighting spirit people!

smashing that like button in with a fucking sledgehammer in a spray of plastic and sparks

who can forget when rosa luxemborg first uttered the famous phrase: "there is no war but star war"

remember when reagan got reelected because he said he would do star wars

so glad im a 90s kid so i dont have to be nostalgic for all the terrible cartoons from the 80s

I love to receive thick, juicy music in my tight little earholes

the real horseshoe theory is Mueller dead enders and Q-Anon morons

What is it like to live in country side?

We cut to a bathhouse under the full moon. It is full of naked men and women, the steam obscuring their forms, the birch leaves around their heads. A large, greenish creature sits with them. It's eyes bulge, like a frog. It strokes its' cat fish beard with webbed hands. They all call him Uncle Domovoy in furtive, revrant voices. He demands they throw the crosses round their necks down on the bathhouse floor and spit on them and cover them with blood.

the Arabic word for God, Allah, is a cognate of Elohim. both descend from the proto-Semitic 'il, extended with an h. Allah is likely a contraction of al-'ilah, "the God," which would be exactly equivalent to the Aramaic word for the monotheistic god: 'alaha or 'elaha (depending on dialect), where -a is the definite article.

speaking of Aramaic, this would be the language Jesus would have spoken. he literally would have called God Alaha. remember that to tell fundamentalist Christians.

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honestly whoever decided mansions should be crammed into a neighborhood just didn't fucking get the point of mansions

before you reply: did you know that this user is probably shitposting and isnt interested in debating politics online with a 20 year old linux enthusiast

mastodon needs a "before you reply" modal that pops up before you reply to a non mutual followers post

somehow always miss the “drama” but never all the posts complaining about the drama and that’s ok, i guess, better than seeing the drama. how tf is there drama on this sight, mastodon dot government? i’ll never understand that

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