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Probably last meta for a while, read if you interact with me 

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the thing that a lot of people don’t really know or understand is that zydrate comes in a little glass vial

Did you know you can just make up cryptids. The new York shitter, a cryptid that lives on central park and Shits on benches.
There that's a cryptid your welcome

what if you were jerking off and vomit came out

asimov's law states that any written combination of dick, balls, cum, and shit is indistinguishable from a garfiald toot


please maam. may i please have a wonderful christmastime

ahh when i see that filter i just know it was a toot about magic the gathering and i rejoice to not see it

the Coward's Ratio was first discovered in 1918 by Cambridge statistician Melville H. Coward, who immediately pissed himself in fear like a scared, craven wimp!!

@Picklemaddierix nobody agrees what New England is, but one truth is universal: Connecticut is not New England

feel like pure shit just want labor unions back

who would win?

I want to stay busy over the holiday break. Which should I do?

My most common aborted toot genre is where I start parodying a song in my head and then realize I had the lyrics wrong or was blending two different songs, and that either way, the joke no longer makes any sense

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