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That's the idea you're repeating when you operate blindly according to the belief that the Middle Ages were dirty, ignorant, excessively pious compared to the Roman Empire and the early modern era. You're identifying culture and freedom with the extreme subjugation and systematic violence of colonialism.

These two events indicate the reason why the Renaissance is constructed as a moment of sudden renewal after a millenium of misery: you're taught to identify "progress" and "culture" with the establishment of colonialism, the reinvigoration of slavery, and the movement towards a uniformly "white" Europe.

You just have to look at which periods you're told to admire: the Roman Empire, and the Renaissance. The Roman Empire is presented as a "civilising force", that brought "democracy" and "knowledge" to the uncultured lands it conquered, and established great infrastructure at the slight cost of large-scale slavery. The Renaissance, meanwhile, is often taught as beginning in 1492, the year of Columbus's encounter with the so-called New World and of the Spanish Reconquista.

I won't go into the miriad reasons why this narrative is absolutely ridiculous, I just want to focus on why it's the narrative you're taught. Why is it that we're taught to think of medieval people as stinky and disgusting, and of ancient Romans as glittering Adonises, even though soap was invented (and widely used) in the Middle Ages? The answer is very simple.

I spend a lot of time on here getting pissed off at myths about the Middle Ages, whether it's the idea that they didn't do philosophy, or that they were idiots who couldn't draw. These misconceptions are down to the myth of the Dark Ages. The Dark Ages is the way the medieval period is taught at school: you had the enlightened Roman Empire, a golden era of wisdom and liberty, then you had a millenium of pure wretchedness before the Renaissance kicked "Western civilisation" back into high gear.

It begins, the largest strike in over a decade as 49,000 workers walkout st General Motors nationwide – At GMCH Main Lot

Richard Scary - children's books
Richard Existentially Scary - YA fiction
Richard Horny - adult novels

Jeremy Corbyn is probably the only PM we could rely on to finally end The Game.

george lucas committed many sins, not the least of which was completely wasting sam jackson for 3 entire movies

billy zane keeps yelling at me to debate “his man” and i’m not sure what he means


i miss book fair. whycome i never show up at my job and book fair is there??

i think the fact that #mastodev is 80% shitposting and 20% people genuinely trying to discuss mastodon development makes it the best hashtag basically ever

using rabbit to show you a cool dream i had

who is jd power and who are their associates

when will’s search function return from war?

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