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All that the feds ever needed to permanently disrupt online movements was to plant the idea that people not only can but ought to reveal certain types of personal info online

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I mean, I can’t believe I didn’t make this five years ago lol

Oh, you love ass? Then why haven’t you released a Top 3 Billboard hit about looking at butts that garners 4 Grammy nominations and cements your reputation as one of the most promising artists of the new millennium?

95% of Eugen's "followers" are porn bots i created. the cool thing is each bot has its own little kink

this took a lot of time and effort, and some stalking, so if anyone knows how to create a patreon, would be much appreciated

Scott Pilgrim and Ready Player One are the same, don't @ me

my new york city-based start-up aims to redefine bringing you a glass of milk, reading you a story, and kissing you on the forehead as you drift away to the land of bye bye snoozy-time

@Pixley [taking a deep drag from my cigarette] I've been downloading Roblox for three long years.

Parent: I'll let Jimmy play on the computer by himself, he knows more about it than I do, I'm sure he'll be fine.


Probably there are even teenagers running around New England who are named after Tom Brady, but I'm not ready to have that conversation.

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Tom Brady has been playing football long enough that there are ten-year-olds running around New England who are named after him.

a brand of fortune cookies that just states facts about climate change

the instance official discord is me standing in my living room yelling about Firefox 37. it rules, is what I'm saying

:bing: how to get hemorrhoids without shitting

Clark Gable just said that most men take off their pants before their shoes and I’m trying to figure out what was going on in the 30s

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very likely that Jordan Peterson is dead, right?

drinking a big can of irn bru at work and my burps are deflecting off my mask and stinging my eyes

What if we all just decided to stop working one day, wouldn't that make some folks real mad.

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