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This is absolutely wretched, do not fucking acknowledge this

If you’re having clout problems I feel bad for you hon
I just got 99 followers and I shouldn’t even have 1

John Wick 4: this time they kill John and his new dog goes on a fucking rampage

every shape is a triangle if you think about it wrong

@streetvalkyrie this one will not survive the key performance indicator reassessment

i love the c*rl s*gan quote about interstellar areas, "there is nothing above the Sun, the Sun is the absolute cosmic ceiling. it's so high up you can't even fathom. every day i look up at the sky and weep mucus knowing i will never embrace the Sun as its fury melts my hot flesh"

Paying the exact minimum wage is like waiting outside a high school and dating people the minute they turn 18.

Life is a lot like skateboarding and love is the kickflip. Food is a nose manual and money is a sick video filmed with a fisheye lens

Do you know how they make vapes? Freaking Kirby. He takes a huge breath and then shits into a bottle and you saps suck it down like water. Hideous.

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