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also it’s going to be hilarious to see the last 3 months of a trump presidency. how can you expect him to do anything besides mope and complain now that he knows he lost but still has to do the job for the next few months?

Bad political joke 

When will we finally get an Italian president? Talk about a land of opportunity, yeah right!

Vaccine numbers sound good but I have a tendency to wonder about headlines like this, especially as vaccine are notoriously difficult to study. I'm sure we will get a better reading when the data is actually realised, if it is

Oh no, Trump election fraud got so spammed they had to get a new number, don't call it or use the website, it's making fascist so sad and depressed, don't do it! Sure it is toll free but don't call in and tell them you say dogs walking on two legs talking about voting for Biden, don't!

Oh no, apparently people are using the website and uploading photos, including adult photos, instead of actually election fraud reports and Trump staffers are all sad. I didn't send anything (wink)

So I totally didn't leave a message on trump's voter fraud hotline asking them to get to the bottom of voting irregularities on the Masked Singer because there is no way Busta Rhymes could've really been voted off in ep 1.

I totally didn't do that

(okay, I kinda did)

Also, the number is 1-888-630-1776

have fun!

PA Election 

Biden now above the .5% needed for an automatic recount so Trump would have to request one and pay for it. .7% right now and really no way too over turn it (FL in 2000 was something like .006%

Here are some pictures of kestrels, the smallest and most colorful falcon in North American and a very good bird

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Ben Garrison 

Apparently Ben Garrison has been banned from his natural store for refusing to wear a mask which I love

Ben Garrison bad politics cartoon 

Apparently in denial about Trump which I should have expected. I think be maybe Q fan...

Politics news personal 

Sometimes I forget I'm pretty knowledgeable about politics right now while most people are far more disengaged (for many reasons, absolutely not judging to be extra clear) and likely get most of the news from headlines and evening news and what they are seeing is Trump lost and can't seem to prove fraud. The Fox viewer will have a different view and maybe the biggest news source but hardly the majority

Trump new roasshow 

Is going out and showing obits for people he claims voted but are dead so basically a long pity tour so his supporters can be lied to, fleeced and given free Coronavirus

Politics USA 

I'm not too concerned by Graham et all winning and the like if for no other reason then talk is super cheap and not being super Trumpers is asking for a primary challenge, which for most is the most dangerous for them. Also I still remember liberals begging for an electoral college miracle that was never coming

uspol poll 

when will trump flee the country?

Politics Lindsay Graham 

I can't tell if he truly believes the shit he is pushing or he thinks if he is the biggest asshole Trump will endorse him in 2024


Teaching my niece Jacob Ladder string game, feels good to do

One good things about Biden as president (joke) 

He has a rescue dog

I once tried to write a Socialist Realist Opera. It did not go well

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