Who do you prefer to have all your data?

@thufie @melissasage @whiskeysailor

telling you how much we love this would be bad opsec tho, so we won't

@melissasage @whiskeysailor

Cheers, I appreciate the Infosec meme-art!

Actually years ago, I tried to give away free "Tails" TOR browser CDROMS in Harvard Square, from a stack of 40 that I burned.
There were a few takers.

So that bottom-left ultra-sincere Quadrant of Tor Evangelists was me!

(Nowadays, I'd be in the China quadrant for who's the least-worst to get my data, except we never seem to get that option. And I think Tor is 5-eyes fundamentally.)

best wishes and Happy Fedi
🐘 🐘 🐘

@GooseThird @whiskeysailor hah! it's a good natured joke; I've also basically moved from bottom left to top left

can I ask why you think tor is basically five eyes? I've heard that critique before but I don't understand the substance of it

@melissasage @whiskeysailor re: Tor, * Origin, (USNavy grant), * Regime-change promotion (Tor touts its readiness for "dissidents" but sadly they often are US-Squads), * Money trail (nodes funded by Western org's), * Honeypot history e.g. FBI (you get tagged just by using tor, too); and mainly, *** peer Authority *** -- i.e. the best Communist Irish queer Infosec person in HCMC, Saigon Seamus, banned 3x on TW for calling-out US spooks, described flaws of Tor and NGO-land in detail pre-ban 🍯

@melissasage @whiskeysailor I agree with some of this graph. (Five eyes authoritarian right, yes!) But I would put China in authoritarian right as well. For libertarian right, I would put Google/Facebook: what they claim to be, and for authoritarian left I would put Google/Facebook: how they actually behave.

@melissasage @whiskeysailor my favorite part of this is the (correct) implication that auth right and "lib" right are the same.


love to have the state which actually has direct power over me also have all my data amirite?????


why is it so hard for leftists to understand that your own government is more dangerous to you than a foreign one lol??

china didn't do COINTELPRO

@whiskeysailor but if google/Facebook has it don't the others have it too
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