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Me: I'm such a good rich person...(I say as my Zeppelin flies over my private island and I search for my human quarry)...I mean it is a tranq gun unlike Bezos.

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Stages of tooting
Draft: Delusion (this is good!)
Toot: Pride (nice)
First minute: Cockiness (can't wait to see how people react!)
5 minutes: Doubt (mmmm, maybe they haven't seen it yet)
15 minutes: Anger (I hate you all!!)
30 minutes: Denial (It much be Orleanists shadow banning me!)
Unknown: Acceptance (yeah right)


Does anyone live near Northglenn Colorado? A friend of mine is currently trapped in a very abusive and dangerous living situation and the only way she can be safe is if someone is willing to take her in. She's in serious danger, someone please help.

How will I spend my pandemic check?
Pay for two months of Cobra

He should have learned the old phrase,
Crash your supercar once, shame on the Veyron,
Crash your supercar twice, shame on you

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Supercar owners are not as good drivers as they think they are. Gemiballa is a supped up version of a Porsche.

Video game joke 

Apparently Softbank $3 billion stock purchase of WeWork stock (part of the post IPO disaster response) is not going forward so now WeWork is suing. I wouldn't be surprised if WeWork doesn't survive for too much longer.

New York City is offering three free meals a day, no questions asked, to anyone who shows up to a meal distribution hub. You can pick up at the meals at once and parents/guardians can pick up food for their children. Details:

Adults welcome as long as you show up during the time slot meant for adults.

**Russian space agency says Trump paving way to seize other planets**

"The Russian space agency, Roscosmos, accused Donald Trump on Tuesday of creating a basis to take over other planets by signing an executive order outlining U.S. policy on commercial mining in space. "

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Secretary of the Navy 

Covid-19 Landlords 

Covid-19 USN 

I realized I haven't listen to as much music as I normally do and listening to some now and it is good. I need to do this more

It took me a while to remember that waxing moon means it is moving from new to full and waning means it is moving from full to new.

Covid-19 USA Poltics (sarcasm) 

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Covid-19 USA Poltics (sarcasm) 

My new TV pitch to NBC: Police Fireman. They don't do police work but they put our fires at police stations

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