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Please to announce my new podcast!!
B&B: Beard and Bripe
Every episode I sit down with a 30 year old cishet man and we discuss our beards over a fresh cup of Bripe coffee

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Me: I'm such a good rich person...(I say as my Zeppelin flies over my private island and I search for my human quarry)...I mean it is a tranq gun unlike Bezos.

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selfie EC 

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Stages of tooting
Draft: Delusion (this is good!)
Toot: Pride (nice)
First minute: Cockiness (can't wait to see how people react!)
5 minutes: Doubt (mmmm, maybe they haven't seen it yet)
15 minutes: Anger (I hate you all!!)
30 minutes: Denial (It much be Orleanists shadow banning me!)
Unknown: Acceptance (yeah right)

Nevada election 

General election 2020 

Ben Garrison 

uspol comic person 

How many tabs do you keep open on your phone

Sports bars should show live sports no matter the hour. Surely something is happening in Asia right now.

Andy Byford last day. So glad Cuomo has already filled, oh, wait, he hasn't. Who knows when or if he will ever let another person have enough power to draw praise away from him

Love how both Apple and Google are basically doing antitrust things in really different ways

Looks like Apple may allow users to at least choose default browser and mail app for i products. Clearly they are worried about antitrust investigation

Filling out the last couple hours of work by reading about the 1981 epic war film Inchon, which is the only film in history to have been endorsed by the spirit of General Douglas MacArthur.

Fed Reserve still has a hold on Wells Fargo from growing if that tells if they have actually fundamentally changed

Wells Fargo crimes are just the outcome of capitalism and lose regulations

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Wells Fargo paying 3 billion for their crimes seems low. Should have bankrupted them and then nationalized them. No sympathy to any current shareholders, they knew what they were doing when the bought/held the stock even after the news become well known.

Still waiting for a network to pick to my odd couple remake, about two prison inmates who could not be more different: LaRouche and Bakker. One is a Platonism communist cult leader and the other is a charismatic preacher fraud.

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