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the most American thing about me is my love of ice

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leaving soon on vacation at long last so I won't be here for a while, but know it is because I'm busy not because I don't like you.

Except you. You know who you are.

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for my next bit i’m going to turn into a normie 2009 twitter guy

why does Hulu want me to watch "Last Man Standing"? it is almost the last show I want to see

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When Hosier said "take me to church" he was talking about his big tittied gothic cathedral girlfriend

@whiskeysailor I mean I get saying get rid of the headphone jack to make it water proof but then making it so it will crack easily when dropped seems to me a bit of a contradiction to me

took the case off my phone and it is shocking how thin it really is. and it is a thicker one as it still has a headphone jack

why does this academic section title sound like a friggin mastodon shitpost

god i can't believe the XFL is coming back and they're responding to the fact that americans think the sports don't respect the troops or the flag enough, like, they felt it so much they wanted an entire new football league. oh and also they don't want safety regulations even though football players constantly suffer permanent brain damage??? whhat the hell

Seattle, Washington. the city is okay but my favorite part was the water.

AQUABATS, IN UNISON: hey we're all going out for lunch, wanna come with?

ME: wow, really? sure! where are we going?

AQUABATS: we're gonna crawl through dumpsters rummaging for scraps of food

ME: ...................which dumpsters

AQUABATS: the ones behind burger king

ME: you know, i'm actually not all that hungry. i'll catch up with you later

*15 minutes later*

Wtf I gotta do to beat the eye exam? I want them bitches to think I got 20/20 or whatever tf it's called

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