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"The cure for anything is saltwater - sweat, tears, or the sea." - Isak Dinesen

I miss the sea

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Me: I'm such a good rich person...(I say as my Zeppelin flies over my private island and I search for my human quarry)...I mean it is a tranq gun unlike Bezos.

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selfie EC 

how I look when you don't fav my funny toota

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Stages of tooting
Draft: Delusion (this is good!)
Toot: Pride (nice)
First minute: Cockiness (can't wait to see how people react!)
5 minutes: Doubt (mmmm, maybe they haven't seen it yet)
15 minutes: Anger (I hate you all!!)
30 minutes: Denial (It much be Orleanists shadow banning me!)
Unknown: Acceptance (yeah right)

Seems like Friday the 13th is the right time to move accounts as Radtown gets closer to the end. I'll be heading to @whiskeysailor, it has been a blast on Radtown and thanks for an amazing time here. Anchors aweigh!

Actually going to move accounts from a real computer this time and boy does downloading your archive take time

Politics USA 

In case anyone is curious I'm far more worried about the Supremes taking away ACA and per-existent conditions then Barr voter fraud thing, mostly because I don't think there was any fraud (besides perhaps a dozen cases of mistakes). Now that doesn't mean Barr isn't trying to ratfucking things but it just seems like it is going to be a lot of noise and used as an excuse for me disenfranchisement which they will do no matter what Barr finds, and I do not know how you can overturn the election

Politics 2020 election 

Interesting map of population and voting, really becoming divided by urban and rural with the suburbs the deciding factor

Q politics 

Anyone else noticed the Veep TV show looks a bit like Q?

Dan Quayle 

Even Dan Quayle, son of the famous potato Quayle (god I'm dating myself) says it is time to concede

Fox News 

cut away from Trump voter fraud stuff which is actually really something. I'm sure the nightly host will be back with their fascist shit so it really doesn't matter in the end

Twice now, I have been writing a newsletter and accidentally spent fifteen minutes trying to figure out the correct terminology for a weird hat a woman is wearing

Election concession 

Now even the US Chamber of Commerce, business GOP, also says enough is enough. Deep state striking again!


I suspect another reason most GOP are still on voter fraud canard is they want to win in GA and figure a fired up base and possible new attempts at voter suppression may pay fruit. They have to win GA and being in Trump/Trumpist/Q good book is never bad, but after the Jan 6 Electoral College results in Congress (the day after GA special election) they will all give it up and call Biden President Elect (while using this election to disenfranchise as many PoC as possible in 2 years)

Oh yeah, I'm still away from that tide turning (knock on wood)!

Trump and farm workers 

I see he is going to fuck over farm workers by redefining prevailing wage to screw them over, saving farm owners about 1.68 billion in 10 years. I mean they are on visas so screw them I guess is this administration decision

Got my fat bear camping mug and trying to figure out where to fit in with all my other mugs

Breaking Politics News 

Senator Ben Sasse recognizes reality and congrats Biden! Yes, it is breaking news when a GOP member actually recognize facts instead of living in Alex Jones land

Trump and Sheldon Adelson 

Even Sheldon Adelson PR machine (the formally independent Las Vegas Review Journal) has declared Biden the victor. He was really the last big money man (I mean whale) behind Trump

i want to listen to a podcast and read a book at the same time aaaaaa

Trump DoD 

Still trying to figure out why people thought Trump was against the military industry complex when most of the peace deals in the middle east was just fig leafs to arm sales and the,now formal, DoD was an arms salesman before his appointment. No tears shed for another insider getting fired because they may have given him everything he wanted but without enough enthusiasm (and I'm sure he will land on his feet at a think tank or arms dealer)

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