Only one student came to study group today. She turned in her portfolio yesterday so she’s getting ready to start her second portfolio.

This means we’re both sitting here watching Drunk History together for the time being. And we can say we’re working on her paper.

have a new haircut. I have a tendency to play with my hair when it gets long and after a long day I had hair like Tintin so it was time.

LB: nothing says "you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become a villain" like watching Apple's 1984 ad in 2018

anyone wanna do [insert drug name] and [insert weird activity] at [insert incredibly mundane american store]

Serious question: what is Mastodon like for straight people? Is it... any fun?

Regardless of how many employees worked 100-hour weeks, the fact that Dan Houser considered it praiseworthy is worrying. No company should be bragging about those hours. Expecting to be lauded for labor abuse is disgraceful.

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My tl is flatlining, I need 500 cc’s of shitposting STAT

I'm still very annoyed that they are going to close the Brooklyn Promenade (and knock on wood, actually rebuild it after 6 years) because we can't stop the never ending flow of cars.

at this point, we all know who the horntposters and who the anti-hornt people are. we all like to play nice but we know exactly who'd be on which side should a conflict break out. itd be instantaneous. this is like 1913 all over again

I’m trying to practice my knots but the wife is refusing to let me tire her to the bed, smdh, how am I supposed to learn without doing?? Can only learn so much from reading..

I googled "Sonic Youth the Hedgehog" and I was not disappointed

I'm almost too good of a friend

woof woof

Excommunicated from the LDS Church for calling Joseph Smith a “mayo ass” in Sunday school

So now that I've got a stable platform my plan for tomorrow is to start from a 2.5.2 and start merging in features to see if anything changes. Expects some instability tomorrow but nothing should be down longer than a few minutes.

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