I'm employed again as of today. Despite major changes in the company, I will be doing most of the same things I did before. The best part is I had been told repeatedly that these were things that must be done on-site, but now I am 100% work from home except for a quick trip to the office tomorrow to pick up some equipment.

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@whami I’m glad you are back to work. It really is amazing how many people don’t have to be on-site all the time to do their jobs.

@deneb Yeah. Even when I was "on-site" I was still about a kilometer from the thing I was actually working on, and never was any closer physically. So what difference does it make if I'm at home.

And while I know in your new job you are able to work remotely, I think it would be even funnier if you were required to go somewhere, considering that what you are studying is (I'm guessing here) thousands of light-years away.

@whami YAY! Also I think a lot of "must be done on site" is corporate for "executives who still can't figure out texting don't understand how"

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