Left Bank Books, an independent bookstore in St. Louis, MO, has always been my favorite store, and they continue to do things to make me want to support them. They released a statement regarding JK Rowling.

"Taking them off our shelves won't do anything to stop her. She won't notice at all. But we will, and our transgender staff and customers will. We no longer feel comfortable giving her shelf space while she uses her extensive platform to deride the humanity of trans women. We choose instead to use the shelf space, when we DO open to the public, to lift up voices of lesser known authors, while of course ordering in copies of her books as customers order them from us. We're taking her books off of our shelves."

Full statement here: left-bank.com/about-jk-rowling

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they could keep her books under the counter, and if anyone asks for them specifically they can buy them, but you bet they're gonna get the one raised eyebrow. and the books will be wrapped in brown paper.

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