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Hi everyone. I've was at for over a year while I've searched for an instance that sounded like a good fit for me.

I am a cook, constantly experimenting with new recipes and techniques.

I read a lot of Science Fiction, a little bit of Fantasy, and a smattering of anything else.

I drink bourbon and am always looking to try new ones.

A company pays me on a regular basis to be a numbers geek.

My boss used the word "ironic" on four occasions today. In each case, he was referring to something that was coincidental.

I'm driving in rural Texas and have had to reroute twice because with all the rain, the Blanco River has flooded or washed out some roads.

"Compost this. Except you probably can't whereever you are. So fuck you."

I work for a Fortune 100 company. Despite numerous requests to maintenance, there is a toilet in one of the restrooms that has been flushing since Sunday afternoon.
It's now Tuesday evening.

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Notes to yourself and privacy...

If you make notes or use #GoogleKeepyou should know about this #Masterpiecein progress. The work of @Carnetis delivering a Note taking app called #Carnetfor our new treacherous age of information. I access mine via my private #Nextcloudserver, but they have other ways too. Register at access via the mobile app, web browser or desktop program.

He said one more job ought to get it
One last shot 'fore we quit it
One more for the road

Sayin' one more hit ought to do it
This joint ain't nothin' to it
One more for the road

Good night all, with appreciation to Boz Scaggs.

Tonight I made falafel sliders with avocado hummus and tahini sauce from Chloe Coscarelli's first book.

A batch of seitan just out of the steamer. Tonight this will be part of a portobello stroganoff.

I would actually pay a surcharge just to have a better color theme in .

We compromised for dinner. So we're at a place neither of us cares for.

I Trail of Lightning by Rebecca Roanhorse. Starting on all the nominees that I've missed.

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"How I Eat For Free in NYC Using Python, Automation, Artificial Intelligence, and Instagram" by Chris Buetti

This is pretty brilliant, but at what point does social media become full of bots trying to learn from other bots? If it's this easy to game Instagram, then I can't imagine that this technique will work for forever. Kudos to the author for sharing it though.

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The person appeared out of nowhere.
"Hell," they said, "I come from the future."
"Uh. It's 'hello'," I said, "also, what? Have you come to change the past?"
"Well, imagine you were me. What could you change now to improve the future?"
"Oh, there are lots of-"
"So bloody do it!"
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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