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Hi everyone. I've was at for over a year while I've searched for an instance that sounded like a good fit for me.

I am a cook, constantly experimenting with new recipes and techniques.

I read a lot of Science Fiction, a little bit of Fantasy, and a smattering of anything else.

I drink bourbon and am always looking to try new ones.

A company pays me on a regular basis to be a numbers geek.

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Complaining about work and ISP 

Week one of is over. I didn't get a lot done for my employer, but I learned a lot about my internet service.

I never really thought much about it because it usually did what I needed. Turns out I had a package that was far slower than anything they even offer now. It was a legacy package that had been carried over from the company who bought out the company who was bought by the company I am currently with.

They won't allow me to start on a promotional package since I am an existing customer. I tried to argue that since they had me on a legacy plan I was technically a customer of the company that was bought by the company they later bought, but that argument didn't work. The only way I could get the promotional rate was to cancel for at least 30 days and then restart.

So I'm going to be paying more money since my only other options are to quit my job or drive 40 miles each way and work in an office build that is not currently being air conditioned.

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Animal Crossing, lewd 

This is a perfect example for why you should always act like a 12 year old when a character wants you to give them a new catchphrase.

Animal Crossing 

Really Phil. This is a surprise to you? There are only 11 of us living on this island.


Yeah. I don't think I have a lot of confidence in the leadership of my state right now.

From Forbes: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said Monday that he believes Florida’s coronavirus crisis has “stabilized,” just one day after the state reported over 15,000 new cases, the most by any state in a single day so far in the pandemic.

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rent/phone bill begpost/ boost r appreciated 

Hey guy. July is roommate turn over month for me so currently I’m being hit with extra fees and bill. I also got word the August will be the same way. I’m also on reduce hours because of COVID19. For rent alone, I’ll need 480 and now I only need $60 for my phone bill. If anyone is feeling generous, I would be grateful.

Venmo: journei-g
Cashapp: $journeigr

Today was my first day working from home. Some people have noted how great working from home is because they don't have to wear pants or take a shower, but my favorite thing is that I don't have to put on shoes. I hate wearing shoes.

Also, not having an 80 mile round-trip commute is pretty awesome as well.

I'm employed again as of today. Despite major changes in the company, I will be doing most of the same things I did before. The best part is I had been told repeatedly that these were things that must be done on-site, but now I am 100% work from home except for a quick trip to the office tomorrow to pick up some equipment.

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"So did they pass this one?"

"No. This species has failed every test."

"But this was an easy one! Every other species stopped a pandemic almost immediately."

"Humans are so frustrating. If they'd pass just one global cooperation test, we could make contact with them. That's the only requirement!"

"They do survive all the natural disasters though?"

"They even create their own disasters. And still they survive! I have no idea how they’re still alive."

#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Animal Crossing 

WTH, Graham?!?!? Most of the time you act like you dislike me and then you go and drop this.

Left Bank Books, an independent bookstore in St. Louis, MO, has always been my favorite store, and they continue to do things to make me want to support them. They released a statement regarding JK Rowling.

"Taking them off our shelves won't do anything to stop her. She won't notice at all. But we will, and our transgender staff and customers will. We no longer feel comfortable giving her shelf space while she uses her extensive platform to deride the humanity of trans women. We choose instead to use the shelf space, when we DO open to the public, to lift up voices of lesser known authors, while of course ordering in copies of her books as customers order them from us. We're taking her books off of our shelves."

Full statement here:

birdsite, funny, melancholy 

Three years ago I thought this was funny. Now it makes me wonder when I'll ever get on a plane again.

The air conditioner repair person is finishing up and the cost was under $100. I'm feeling pretty lucky.

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Gofund me/ begpost/ abuse mentioned in story. 

I made a gofund me to raises funds to pay for my last year university. I am putting myself through college without the help of family. Boost are appreciated.

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some of y'all let the worst people live in your head rent free. just let go, just stop posting about it, just go do something else

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