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being intentionally obtuse when ur talking to men to irritate them is such a power move

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Intro || hey there lads and lesbians i'm gay, hi! 

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knife, sharp object, transphobia mention 

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hey y'all, i wont be doing a mass dm 'cause im worried those are annoying, but the server my new main account is on went down and my account was deleted accidentally: if you're interested in finding me again im at the same name, just had to re-make @wenom 💖

emoji post (oops all emojis; it's a lesbian flag made out of the "call me" hand emoji) 

subtoot (? idk i guess, its abt the whole fediverse lmfao) 


hey tik tokkers, if we get this tok to 100k views i'll lipsync to the bridge of korn, freak on a leash

hi guyssssss i’m near my overdraft limit AGAIN because my work hours are so shit and student loan covers nothing lol so i’m like in desperate DESPERATE need of help, so honestly if you can donate anything at all i would be SO SO grateful£AshleyMVillers

unfortunately being in the uk limits the amount of money services i can access (side eyes at you, venmo) but hopefully that’s okay

current fish levels are 59%

(59%) ■■■■■□□□□□

Today's gender is a freshly baked loaf of bread, still nice and warm

Sometimes I want to talk about aspects of my experience in a critically abstract way. Either being trans / my gender, or my spirituality, or my artistic life. But I'm terribly afraid to. I might use the wrong words, or wield theory incorrectly, and get utterly torn apart by someone who knows more words and has been better educated in how to use intellectualism to channel their anger.

I don't want to fight, or even to channel anger. I just want to demonstrate my existence, and that of others like me. But to do so I have to wade in water that often feels filled with piranhas.

I'm scared, and so many things my heart says, I never share. I'm sad about this.

lmao why do people who think lgbt people "choose to be gay" choose to be straight?

Kind of fukced up tgat cats dont have the opportunity to enjoy a delicoius vape because of our human-centric vape industry

being intentionally obtuse when ur talking to men to irritate them is such a power move

children absolutely lose their minds if u show them any level of excitement or interest in them, its so freaking cute

question for lesbians regarding merch 

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