thinking about self driving cars, but the cars are longer, with capacity for about 90 people per car. and maybe we could simplify the decision-making of the AI by providing a set path and schedule that they would adhere to. perhaps a physical mechanism on which the self-driving car could always be on, something like a rail to minimize them going off path and being a danger to cyclists or pedestrians. anyone in Silicon Valley want to fund this? we could even chain the cars together to maximize efficiency.

@vulcao joke's on you, trains are driven by people due to their superior real time image recognition skills (and maybe unions).


At least in the US though, I think at this point busses are the best hope for a sane transportation system in most places.

Its just that yah busses are never seen in a positive light.

@vulcao I call it Car 3.0. Let’s get some VC money on this, wouldn’t want to miss out

@vy ooh that sounds promising! I think this could really take off

@vulcao @vy yeah totally VCable because, see, we're gonna... advertise the ... cloud ... agile? Targeted agile cloud marketing. That's the one.

@vulcao I cant believe no one has thought about this. Absolute genius!

@fc @vulcao We'll need a catchy, easily marketable, easily searchable name. Something like . . . hmm . . . how about BART? 😏

@vulcao is this a trolley problem?
...or a trolley solution???

@vulcao you'd probably only need one engine for a bunch of cars, long as you make it beefy enough

I can see it now. four thousand horsepower of sleek diesel-electric efficiency. it's so beautiful it almost seems real.

@wraidd and yknow what, I think if for the moment we get a well paid worker with good benefits to “conduct” the engine car, this is more readily achievable. I seriously think this could be something!

@vulcao You'd probably want a team actually, one to watch the cars and one to operate the engine. Redundancy, y'know.

@vulcao it sounds a lot like a tram, but like a very very mini tram. like a baby tram. i love trams they are the most accessible transport besides cars for me but there is also backlash against them. maybe a lot of people would get behind these baby trams if they took up less space. but yes i do think there are self driving buses in some places in the world but they do not run on tracks.

@mk1679_rocket this was a dig at Silicon Valley types who every few months seem to reinvent an existing mode of transportation :)
I was definitely thinking of a tram or train when I made the post.

trams and buses would take significantly less space than individual cars:

@vulcao this is very smart i should show this to the anti-tram people. we should have locals here that like trams And the environment and not like a casino megabuilding tram man in charge of everything in the city. but Fair. i also like segmented transport like trucks and trams. cause it overcomes that vestibular thing on buses when these big huge blocks move around tiny roads and corners and they move everyone around with them. i don't know physics though.

@vulcao thanks for this post! cause it made me think of creative ways of transporting people around and what i do and don't like about transport instead of "i can't ride on x, y, z".

@vulcao The infrastructure is outrageously expensive, so it's only good in metro. Skytrain is the *only* thing I'm jealous about vancouver for. It's an amazing service and whenever I'm down there it seems cheap for an all day pass to go pretty much anywhere via mtr, seabus, bus or trolley.
It would be very cool to have something like it where I live, but there are not enough ppl up here to pay for even the very short runs it would have.

@vulcao If you really, really need them to drive on asphalt roads, maybe hire someone to make sure it doesn't become a danger by monitoring it. Make sure they have access to controls to take over from the AI if something goes wrong. In fact, save the cost of the AI entirely by having this person always be the one in charge of driving the vehicle full of people, and now you don't need all that expensive computing equipment and cameras, you just have to pay one person's salary.

@vulcao I think you could sell that as being massively safer and even cost-effective if enough people used it.

@vulcao But -hear me out- what if we, in line with the current fashion, could also make these cars electric? We could call it Tesla Rail Autonomous and Intelligent model N.

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