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I think I want to try out a new name, which should be easy here because I’ve only ever been different versions of “volcano”.

I can be referred to as mar or mari for now.

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work thread 

I’ve been waiting for another department for 30 minutes and the customer has been on hold with me this whole time. I can’t tell if this is good or bad for me; 30 minutes of fuckin around but I’m tethered to the desk

if I were in charge of the US Treasury while facing a nationwide coin shortage, I would simply mint more coins

you ever wonder why ancient roman buildings have survived millennia but current buildings crumble in decades? the secret is in roman cement. the romans put actual semen in their cement mix, making it more sturdy, flexible, and able to withstand tremors while also serving as the etymological root of the English word cement.

does anyone know if I can use a microSDXC card in a microSDHC slot on a phone? I guess I'm asking if the difference is in the bus/connectors or just FAT32 vs exFAT support.


just made Taiwanese pineapple cakes and they’re very good

what kind of shoes do lesbians wear in space?

doc martians


americans are missing out because plantains are not as widespread as they should be.

virgin cavendish
chad plantain

why did society decide thay furries were bad for so long

a hot take i have never actually seen and do not stand by 

beekeepers are cops

for @evan and @vulcao!!! an absol is just a fucked up alpaca with asymmetrical horns and something awful happening to its hind legs, right?

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ok so far android is fine, i think the worst part was not being able to use Toot! and the home screen/app launcher which was ugly and slow but i managed to get a custom launcher that's very nice and minimal. im still gonna try lineageos once i get a computer working again i think.

I want to put LineageOS on an LG Aristo I got to replace my broken iPhone. Can someone help me with where to start? I’ve never done this before.

i have approximately the same politics as local crows. keep me fed and i won't shit on your car. it's that easy.

I wonder if Mafalda has aged well. I haven’t read the comics as an adult but I remember liking them as a kid/teen.

oh no I’ve been using my school email as a spam email since 2012 because I thought i would eventually lose it, but my school lets you keep it as an alum.

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