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I think I want to try out a new name, which should be easy here because I’ve only ever been different versions of “volcano”.

I can be referred to as mar or mari for now.

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work thread 

I’ve been waiting for another department for 30 minutes and the customer has been on hold with me this whole time. I can’t tell if this is good or bad for me; 30 minutes of fuckin around but I’m tethered to the desk

you think they turn down applicants with a statistics background? they've gotta

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I've been putting on Are You The One as background noise and this show would be over so quickly if the contestants had access to a spreadsheet lol

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another day another chance for me to stare at a wall and wonder why anyone.thought JJ Abrams would.make a good star wars movie in the first place

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every ancap i have seen on this website is a pasty white 19 year old

grow up

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Listen, guys, everyone knows Marx said "if workers get a private pension they are no longer members of the proletariat" its just common sense guys

mfer said "most workers today have a private pension"

thinking about how it was common knowledge that 4chan's creator's password or w/e on the site was a slur

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I play GTA as a driving simulator. I have done 0 non mandatory GTA V missions

LB: a nice trick in tech support is to say something like that when there are time consuming steps for the same reasons. you're giving the other person power while also not wasting time sitting on the phone while something downloads or installs for 40 minutes.

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For everyone who has never had to leave a phone call or meeting - there is a Southern phrase of much power

'Let me let you go'

It's polite, and gives the other person a feeling that they too wanted the meeting to stop. I was thrilled to have seen a meme somewhere that shared this gift with the world
I lost the meme, but there is the information.

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lmao I was picking up an order from wingstop and this dude came in to order and at the end of his order he said "and can you make it quick?" like BRO what do you think this is. wingstop doesnt have a VIP check-in, sorry.
I laughed when he said that since i was walking out and he definitely heard me

i would personally beat tony xu with a mallet if i ever saw him in the wild

it's not necessarily a bad thing, that seasoning tastes fine, but like, what's up with that? where'd they get that flavor?

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i have never had a mexican taco that tasted like the taco seasoning you can buy at stores

new instance idea:

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