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I, Rich Homie @vore, Have Promised My Friends, Family, And Foes One Thing: I Will Never Stop Logging On. I'd Ask If Any Of You Here Could Stand Here And Question Whether Or Not I Ever Stopped Logging On, But We All Know The Answer; I Logged On, I Stayed On, And I'm Logging On Even Further

marriage is the sacred vow between a man and bugs bunny in a dress

an interesting theory, professor! however, new research suggests that the tallest mountain in the solar system is actually "your mom"

i raise my hand for a high five from the other members of the symposium that never comes

fortunado came down to my cellar looking for the facemask of amontillado. have fun self-isolating behind a brick wall, dumbass

body like a back road (poorly maintained and covered in bumps)

*political podcast host voice* now, you'll never hear US say "I miss Bush" thanks to our sponsor, Manscaped: Manscaped provides a wide range of personal grooming products desig

Oh you're in polycule?? Can you introduce me to Brian David Gilber? I love his content

according to all known rules of aviation, there is nothing saying a dog CAN'T become a pilot

at the chupa

the chupacabra

the most eaten goat north of havana

do all my friends hate me or am i just in a depressive episode (both)

bullying? no, if they have more followers than me it's called "punching up" sweetie

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