What did one toilet say to another toilet when he forgot to wear pants?

Your Bemis is showing!!!!

What did the toilet say to its son who was misbehaving?

Urinal lotta trouble mister!!

I briefly lived in Berlin and big hamburger Street was like one street over from my apartment

Not rly sure why we're talkin about mayonnaise but my take is it's bad folks

this site seems fun so far because instead of shouting into an enormous void you get to shout into a slightly smaller void

ok google, what do I do when I feel lonely

I just finished all the written tests for a job at ubisoft and the interviews went well so I think I'm gonna get the job :O

does anyone else on here like to make video games for fun? we should chat about it!

Hi radical town I'm new. Here's some random photos I took to get your attention. Follow me for... content? I am also happy to chat about whatever and make friends

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