what kind of porn stash do you think q has

i bet he's bog-standard channer, like not even a channer with a weirdly specific fetish, but he still has like a terabyte of really specific porn he downloaded and never gets off to because someone told him the government was gonna ban that specific porn category and he'd be a criminal for wanking to it, but he isn't actually into it so it just goes to waste

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@velexiraptor absolutely 100% certain, and probably no small fraction it's already illegal to possess.

@velexiraptor the only thing that I think Q is into is the thing that he is constantly accusing other people of being into

@RussellsBarbershopQuartet it's textbook deflection/hypocrisy/shame, he knows he's a Bad Person (tm) for being into it and gets off on how gross he finds it, and so anyone else who doesn't find it gross is killing his boner and needs to be stopped at any cost

@velexiraptor my first instinct is to say follow the projection trail to a nasty end ☢️

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