failing at womanhood so hard that it drops me into the cool zone of gender (lesbianism)

@velexiraptor I feel like you're the cool nerd that everyone likes and I'm the nerd that even other nerds pick on

@velexiraptor in terms of gender I mean

I guess that's also true of us at nerds tho

@The_T i mean im trying not to perpetuate those dynamics anymore bc i was p bad with it in high school but that's exactly where i was in the pecking order so

@The_T now at least irl i have friendships built on trust and honesty and mutual care so i think we're better about that but high school sucked cuz i was also the nerd that the cool nerds in the debate team and band didn't like

@velexiraptor damn wish i had irl friends

or online friends

@The_T sorry

i can't rly do friends online the same way i do irl, there's kinda a mutual parasociality that just doesn't quite work

@velexiraptor yeah that wasn't directed at you

I mean

you know what I mean

@The_T i assumed it was passive aggressively directed at me bc that's how i was raised to read stuff like that (cuz my dad exclusively communicated via passive aggression) but it's good to know that that's not what you meant and i appreciate the clarification!

@velexiraptor I talk exclusively with my mom that way (ie, it is mutual between us) and I talk to no one else this way.

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